Personal Statement

My name is Krishana Davis and I do not believe that I found writing, I believe that writing found me. I was always the type of child, whose parents put them in hundreds of activities to keep them busy. I did everything from participating in a marching band, swim classes, dance classes, ice skating lessons (yes ice skating), karate, etc. I would really enjoy the activity for a while and then I would start to bore of it and tell my parents that I did not want to do it anymore.  

As I got older I kept thinking to myself, "Krishana, what are you good at, what is you gift?". I heard a saying once that God gives every one of us and gift and it's on us if we do not use it. After some careful consideration I knew that the one thing that I never became bored with, the one thing that seemed to ooze from my body was my creativity and my gift for writing.

Since the age of 6 or 7 I wrote hundreds of short stories, and even attempted execution at a few larger novels. Something about writing just seemed to come so easy to me. It was nothing to me to intertwine words together using carefully placed imagery to paint a story. It was a part of my soul.