04 April 2011

What Makes a Knock Off?

America unlike countries in the UK and France don't have strong laws or policies against designers being directly  "inspired" by other designers looks. I don't mind "inspired" clothing. Inspired clothing may keep a theme of a particular extravagant over the top high fashion design and emulate parts of it it with clear  separate vision out changes to make it prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear). However, in today's times in fashion the idea of "inspired" isn't holding so true. Recently, a lot of retail stores are toying with the gray area between inspired and knock off. 

Zara released their spring 2011 collection and well frankly it is a mirror image of Prada's spring 2011 collection, which has such a cool retro feel to it. I'm really disappointed with the lack of vision of Zara, a brand I've grown to like. 

Zara's Spring Collection

And apparently this isn't Zara's first offense.

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