06 April 2011

Government Shut Down?!?

When I first caught wind of the government shut down on twitter a few days ago, I thought it was a joke. After doing more research into the matter I think it's absolutely ludicrous. If you haven't been caught up there is currently a stalemate between the Rep. party and President Obama's Democratic party on proposed budget cuts. The Democratic party has agreed there needs to be budget cuts, however they are not willing to bend to the harsh numbers the Republican party wishes to see. This stalemate, if it's not resolved, could cause a shut down of America's government.

This stalemate is ridiculous. If the government is forced to shut down because of it over 800,000 government employees will be required to take a furlough. There will also be a delay in federal income tax returns, which we all know is like Christmas to most of us. I think the biggest shocker to me is the government is proposing to withhold the paychecks of U.S. troops. President Obama just sent troops into Libya a few days ago, and now you are going to cut their pay checks. This is absurd. This grudge match in American politics is going to completely cripple this country if a decision is not made. The way the Republican and Democratic parties have been challenging one another during the Obama administration is completely juvenile. There are real people in America who are barely surviving, living from pay check to pay check and they may have to question if they will be paid, as if the country is not just attempting a bounce back from the recession. The last recorded government shut down during former President Clinton's term in the 90's did have harsh effects on the economy, but it still affected many working class people.

American politicans need to check their priorities. America is suppose to be a land for the people, a democracy. It seems egos have caused us to lose sight of that. 

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