22 February 2011

Rachel Roy "Move" for Spring 2011

This is beautiful, I wish I could dance like this.

21 February 2011

Quote of the Day: Chasing Dreams

" Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that is doesn't love you anymore." - LADY GAGA

As crazy as Lady Gaga is, this quote definitely holds true. I was just talking to a lady in my class who is just coming back to school to get her B.A.She got pregnant during her freshman year of college and she told me the biggest piece of advice she could give me was to chase my education and understand men will come later. I took her advice to heart because I know how true it is. I've seen too many female friends of mine become so wrapped up in relationships they forget or lose their dreams along the way because they are trying to make someone else happy. That is not to say relationships and loving someone else is wrong. But just ensure you are at a place in your life where you have accomplished what is important to you.


My mother and I went on a nice brunch outing on yesterday to a local restaurant Miss Shirley's a locally owned restaurant chain in Baltimore, MD. The food is wonderful and Food Network even named them Baltimore's Best Breakfast Dish.

Never Too Old For Dolls

I Love Mel Products has recently released a set of famous paper dolls from some of our favorite fashionable women both real and fiction. The dolls include Gossip Girls' Serena and Blair, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, and many more. They are cute. If I had daughters I would buy them a few sets of the paper doll collection. It's something different than playing with a traditional Barbie.They range about 7 euros equivalent to about 10 US dollars.

15 February 2011

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

Marc Jacobs' did a wonderful job on the fall 2011 collection. I really enjoy the construction of the clothes, it has a very professionally stylish business woman on-the-go feel. I also think it is safe to say that polka dots will be all the rage this fall. P.S. I have to get me one of these cute off to the side hats.

Happy Belated V-Day

Happy belated V-day loves. I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day, I did even though I spent it single =). I got a really nice pre-V-day treat from a friend of mine. He took me to see Lauryn Hill perform at Ram's Head Live. It was a wonderful concert and it definitely made my V-Day and month for that matter.

This was me on Valentine's Day, I really like this sweater.

Lauryn Hill at Ram's Head

Lauryn Hill

My V-day gift from my parents.

10 February 2011

Quote of the Day

"Everyone has a secret they haven’t shared. Everyone has a past no one’s heard about. Everyone has talents that people don’t notice. Everyone has weaknesses hidden inside. Everyone has a story left untold, so never start judging someone thinking you know them back to front. Because the truth is, you probably don’t."

09 February 2011


I am sorry I have been a bad blogger. This semester picked up so fast. But I am taking 18 credits, which is definitely a hand full, but necessary if I ever wish to graduate undergrad. I am also taking a LSAT prep class, which is taking up a great deal of my time. Tack on SGA and section editor for the school newspaper and let's just say that I plan on getting zero sleep this semester. Which is probably why I am up at 1:50am blogging. Anyways, I am sorry to my followers, but you may not see much of me this semester, but I will try to post as much as I possibly can.


Wedding Bells for Urban

Urban Outfitters released a press statement detailing their plans for a wedding collection due out this Valentine's Day. I don't know how I feel about commercial companies doing wedding dresses. I shop Urban Outfitters and really like their clothes, but a wedding collection is weird to me. One a woman's wedding day she wants to feel unique and special like the day is all about her, and in some sense it is. If she buys a dress from a chain store like Urban Outfitters what is the likelihood she will see her dress again? Very likely!!

The new bridal line is called BHLDN with dressed ranging from $1,000-4000. In the press release Urban states that their dresses are geared towards the more nontraditional woman who would get married on a beach as opposed to a church. Needless to say the dresses are adorable, however I don't believe I would personally shop this collection.


Rachel Roy Spring 2011

I might just be in FASHION HEAVEN, Rachel Roy's Spring 2011 collection is amazing. Not only are her clothes well detailed, the colors are amazing. Her collection gives me hope that once winter is over I can go back to wearing all the pretty things I love to wear.The magenta pink in the second dress is probably my favorite. Bright colors for this coming spring sound and look lovely.


03 February 2011

Quote of the Day

"If I am occasionally a little over-dressed, I make up for it by being immensely over-educated."
-Oscar Wilde

I love this quote. It speaks to a social and educational side. It shows that Wilde is fashion conscious and loves to look and dress well. However, he does not let his looks consume him. He is also smart and can prove his wit. I guess it reminds me of myself because I love getting dressed up and really hate casual wear. But at the same time I has another nerdy side to me.

01 February 2011

Feather Extensions =)

I ordered my feather extensions a week ago. I love them. I got a 5 different bundles and the clamps to put them on with. I was scared to put on of the funky color ones in my hair in case I didn't like it. But I LOVE it.