12 January 2011

Style Inspiration: Coco Chanel & Pearls

I've always been a huge fan of Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel and her simple chic-ness. Although noted for her simple black dress and white camellia flower, my favorite thing about her look was her signature pearls. Pearls show elegance, class, and daintiness. In today's fashion pearls are often over looked as something one's grandmother would wear. But I love pearls. They help to add a bit of class and polish to any outfit. Coco Chanel is the poster woman for "less is more." Her minimalist style has remained current throughout the ages in the midst of other less successful trends falling in it's wake. She was effortlessly classy.

The fashion icons that have come closes to emulating her fashion style are Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O.


  1. Agree totally. I have pearl necklaces that I've collected throughout the years in many different lengths and strands. Wherever I travel in the world, I buy a necklace from that country. Usually someone is making pearl necklaces and doing something unique and curious with them. They must be Akoya, or south sea or fine cultured white pearls. I don't like colored pearls. Love your picture of our first lady wearing her pearls. My daughter loves the Obamas and when she saw Michelle rocking her pearls, she became a believer. I'm in trouble now. She is an attorney and she always hitting me up for my pearls. LOL My brother is a Prof at FIT so I appreciate what you're doing. Keep styling and blogging.

  2. Agree, but Michelle Obama, come on. What a joke.


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