12 January 2011

American Apparel Back At It

They say "ignorance is bliss," but I don't agree. Every time I see a woman, especially an African American woman tweet that she's about to go shopping at American Apparel I cringe. Not because of the overly priced basics that I could probably pick up at my local thrift shop for pennies, but because of their racist and overly sexualized ads. After filing bankruptcy last fall they are back to their racy porn like ads. 

I know the saying, "sex sells." But at what cost? I mean Victoria's Secret sells lingerie more tastefully than this and all American Apparel is selling is a body suit. I wish young girls, young people in general, would look more into the things they buy. Stop always being a consumer and research.

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  1. I totally agree. American Apparel is an awful company. And their clothes are shit.


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