31 January 2010

We'll Try Not to Bleed: Vampire Fest

This is a post of an article I wrote for my Newswriting I class last semester.

We’ll Try Not To Bleed: Vampire Fest
By: Krishana Davis

Vampires, vampires, everywhere is how it appears to be lately with the vampire scene on full blast courtesy of a new saga: Twilight. This book turned movie is reaching new heights with its second installment “Twilight: New Moon” grossing over 72.7 million dollars opening day. In its first week of showing “New Moon” even beat out the immensely popular summer 2008 Batman film “Dark Knight”, which grossed on 23.6 million dollars a 212 percent increase in movie sales. “Twilight” is the bloody yet romantic love story of Isabella and Edward Cullen who battle against all odds to be to be together although one is a human and the other is a soulless vampire.

The whole world seems to have been bit by the vampire fever, with vampire like movies and shows popping up like a disease in movies, TV shows, as well as mainstream culture. With the success of “Twilight”, shows such a “True Blood” on HBO and “Vampire Diaries” on the CW have been springing up everywhere in mainstream culture. A vampire spoof, that recent hit the big screen, has even been created called “Transylmania” that pokes fun at the romantic yet often gory tales portrayed in the vampire genre. But where does the infiltration of the vampire into mainstream culture end?

Recently the Disney Channel show “Wizards of Waverly”, which is about a wizard family set in the real human world and how the kids interact with society as the kids battle for the right to be the family wizard, recently added some new characters. As the craze for “Twilight” and rumors of the opening date of the sequel “New Moon” began to resurface, “Wizards of Waverly Place” added a new family of vampires in the same neighborhood as the wizard family. Many speculated that the Disney Channel was trying to “jump on the [vampire] bandwagon”.

Highly religious and a mother of two, Tameka Perkins, was at first reluctant about allowing her children to watch shows like “Wizards of Waverly Place” because of the witchcraft element. Upon review the show she was surprised at how minuscule the witchcraft element was in the show. However, she was taken back with the addition of a vampire element to the show.

It’s promoting violence she stated and,”their intentions are to bite and suck blood from another human.”

She continued that although the nature of these types of shows is okay for some age ranges, she does not want her young kinds to be subject to these ideas yet.

“My kids love the Disney Channel, but kids have big imaginations... there are some things I just do not want my children to try to imitate.”

Other people however, have a more liberal attitude to these films.
Travis Case, a sophomore at Morgan, felt although he believed Twilight to be a “Dawson’s Creek with fangs,” he still does like some of the vampire stories.
Case claimed to have actually jumped on the vampire phenomenon and enjoys watching the series “True Blood”. He stated that it is well written with a complex plot and the vampires’ desire for acceptance plays on the equalities still facing many Americans today.

Case stated that vampires are in because, “they speak to our true selves and what a lot of us desire to be. Vampires do what they want, when they want. They have super human strength and agility, but they are human too.”

Whether we like it or not it seems vampires like vampires will be infecting victims of popular culture for a while.

The Return

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, I've been kind of busy. Classes just started last week and I've been running around like a crazy person. One of my classmates asked me to highlight an article I wrote for our newswriting class, so I am FINALLY going to post it after this.

It seems that I am becoming really BORED with college and I really do not understand why. I actually love my teachers this semester and my classes are pretty standard: Newswriting II, Op-Ed, Humanities II, World History, U.S. History, and International Relations. Maybe I need a new major? :/

13 January 2010


I think we have to really watch the people we allow into our lives. Even the smallest interactions can affect us for the rest of our lives. They say that people have influence and effect on us in three degrees. It's you, your friends, and friends of your friends. All of these people affect or have some type of impact on our lives whether or not we know it. I've heard studies that usually if the majority of your friends are on a diet you will gradually start losing weight with them just based off of simple influence. You will see them ordering a salad while you are out at lunch or notice that they aren't snacking on popcorn while you are out at the movies. And gradually their change in habits will begin to affect you.

I guess this is why our parents say "choose your friends carefully". This same logic applies with negative traits and characteristics. If your friends had negative traits or qualities they will begin to rub off on you as well. I think we all need to evaluate which people in our lives deserve friend status, who we can keep as an associate, and who we need to dead completely.

Sadly, I've met people in life and all they bring is negativity with them. It is like embedded in their core. All they do is find some sort of way to tear you down, I don't know whether it is because of jealousy or their own insecurities, but nonetheless when you spot someone like this.... RUN.

Most importantly, I believe we need to be mindful of how we affect other people and the influence we have on them. A lot of people are not mindful of the things they say or the way it is interpreted. I know I often fall into this category, because I often say exactly what is on my mind. But sometimes saying how you feel isn't always best. Sometimes we must learn to bite our tongues.

My mother often says, "Some battles aren't worth fighting, but you can still win the war."

06 January 2010

Poor Sheila Dixon: Is it fair?

Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon made an announcement today that she will be resigning effective February the 4th, after a scandal involving the misuse of gift cards for the needy families of Baltimore. The gift cards did not total over $5,000. This trial and investigation had been ongoing for the past four years. Dixon will be replaced my Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the youngest person ever elected to the Baltimore City Council.

Personally, if she did take the gift cards, Mayor Dixon is wrong, don't get me wrong. But other people holding higher offices than her own (of different racial ethnicity's) have embezzled millions and millions of dollars over the course of history, whom were not caught and/or did not receive as much media attention. I just wonder if the circumstances were different, would Dixon have received the same amount of bad press. What if she was a man? What if she was not African American? I often wonder if any of these factors played against her. She did not even embezzle $5,000 in gift cards.

It is really sad to see an African American woman is politics go down for such a small crime. Dixon has had a lot of experience in politcs in Baltimore, holding various positions of power. Hopefully, her career will not be negativelly impacted too much and she can continue in politics.

05 January 2010

Featured Blog Story: Do Terrorists have the right to remain silent?

So my friend and fellow journalist Travis Case wrote a piece that I decided to feature on my blog. Travis Case is an aspiring journalist and hip hop artist.

Check him out at: www.gillateen.blogspot.com

Do Terrorists have the right to remain silent?
By: Travis Case

As last minute shoppers across the U.S. on Christmas Eve 2009 were frantically purchasing gifts for family members, Umar Farouk AbulMatallub, a 23-year old Nigerian citizen, boarded a commercial flight to Detroit from Amsterdam anxious to play Santa too. What was his gift? A pair of underpants loaded with explosives lethal enough to bring down the flight along with 278 American passengers. So, after Matallub is subdued by authorities before he detonates the explosives, he is immediately probed for information and locked away in a cell to never see daylight again. Right? Wrong!

According to a report on CNN.com, "the CIA passed some information about Flight 253 suspect Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab to the federal interagency channel, but they appear not to have passed along all the relevant information that they may have possessed. The National Counterterrorism Center, which was created post-9/11 to "connect the dots," failed to do that and to ask the intelligence community for additional dots".

After the CIA received this amount of limited information, Matallub, shockingly, was later read his Miranda rights and given lawyer. Consequently, as of this moment, Matallub has the right to remain to silent and refuse questioning.

Since when do terrorists have rights? One who commits or is caught on the verge of committing a inhumane act such as blowing up a commercial flight into scrap metal surely shouldn't be treated as a mere murder suspect or armed robber should he? No! People who commit inhumane acts like this should be tried as aliens. "A creature from outer space". He should have been placed in the hands of the U.S. millitary. Torture in most cases is wrong, but Matallub should have been water boarded until he vomited everything in his mental hard drive. Had an American soldier did the same thing in an enemy country he would have been rendered a human pin cushion and wiped off the face of the Earth.

Lets use the events of 9/11 as an example. In your mind, delete the planes that crashed into the twin towers in NYC and substitute them with flying saucers driven by crazed kamikaze aliens. Not to far fetched for a trailer for the next big blockbuster about an alien invasion now is it?

Sadly, the ironic aspect of the entire situation is perhaps, the same freedoms that Americans enjoy, the very freedoms that terrorist cells like Al qaeda hate America for, are the same freedoms he is benefiting from now.

Obama appoints Transgender to Office

Recently President Obama appointed Amanda Simpson to the commerce departmet security post. This is the first time a transgender person has had such a high position in power. Although, I am very happy that Obama's liberal attitude has helped the progression of all types of people. I wonder if this appointment will hurt Obama's chances of re-election. A lot of the United States is still very close minded and I hope that Amanda Simpson will do a good job in her appointed position so it will not show negatively on President Obama.

01 January 2010

The New Year

So this is my first blog post of the new year. I hope everyone brought in the new year safety, but HAD A LOT OF FUN. Anyways I hope everyone is ready for a new and exciting year. And a new decade for that matter. Lets make it count.