13 December 2010

New Year's and All

I suddenly realized at some point throughout my day today that we are half way through December and somehow I can't believe that December got here so quickly. I can remember New Year's 2010 like it was yesterday. Maybe that is one of the downsides of getting older. So I decided to stop and reflect on how my year 2010 went. I can definitely say I am quite proud of the way 2010 went. I made a lot of mistakes I will admit that, but I also had a lot of triumph and success. I am happy for that. I actually was able to physically see my career move forward. I totally ADORED that feeling. I did a lot for myself this year and I have set myself up for a lot of success in the coming year.

A fellow blogger friend of mine asked me what my New Year's Resolutions are for a blog post that she is writing. Honestly, after some careful consideration I realized that I do not have any New Year's Resolutions. Of course they are things personally and professionally that I need to work on, but why wait til January 1, 2011 to start working on them? That seems idiotic. If you want to change or modify something start today. So that is what I am doing. Starting today, I have a list of things I need to accomplish and I intend to see those things through. I am utterly sick of people saying over and over again that "2011 is my year". 2010 should have been your year too. Tragedies happen to everyone. It is just how you deal with those tragedies that determine what kind of outcome you will get.

All that being said, to any of my readers who have a list of "New Year's Resolutions," I dare you to start making those changes a few days early.



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