05 November 2010

Has American Apparel Gone Too Far?

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We all know American Apparel is known for their sometimes, well most of the time, racy ads, but this one might take the cake. It has a woman model in tights with her complete butt out. Speculators say it is because of their decrease in profits. American Apparel has been noted to actually promote ads with models with no tops exposing their breasts. Either way I do not approve.I guess the saying is true that sex sells.

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  1. It sad that they cannot even sell their clothes but the bodies of young girls. I heard that they used to get their models high in order to do crazy moves. It really is awful. i don't shop there anymore at all.
    xoxo Debby

  2. i really cannot stand american apparel. the line that they used to be teetering on about what is acceptable and not porn has clearly been crossed with the pictures above. ugh


  3. We all know sex sells, but I don't believe you need sexy racy ads to sell clothes. I guess that's how they sell basics at a marketed up price.


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