30 November 2010



I'm just stopping by to wish my followers a HAPPY MONDAY!! This week is going to extra stressful for me. I have papers out the whazoo. I hope your week is less stressful. Anyways you may or may not hear from me until the end of the week. But I do plan on posting a video about scarves very soon and cool ways to wear them.

Krissy xoxo

28 November 2010

Quote of the Day

"Failure is success if we learn from it." - Malcolm Forbes

27 November 2010

YouTube Channel

So I am finally branching out and starting my own YouTube Channel. Please subscribe and show your support. I appreciate it a lot. And please and great feedback to make my videos better would be appreciated. 

Channel: The Goldn Girl Show

Krishana xoxo

"Beauty of the Week" PatisDope.com

There is this guy who I randomly started following on twitter because a lot of my friends follow him: @PatisDope. Anyways he has this really cool blog in the DMV area that is getting a lot of love. Every week is does a "Beauty of the Week", which is a girl he chooses that is basically ambitious and doing something with her life. This past week he allowed me to be the "Beauty of the Week" and I thought it was really cool. So check me out here: PatisDope.com

Post-Thanksgiving Day Haul

Hey everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA. My classes are kicking my butt. I did want to update so you guys didn't think I disappeared for good. So I decided to do my first video. This is my Post Thanksgiving Day Haul.It is all the way at the bottom of the post. I hope you enjoy it.... I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving..... Please give me any good feedback you have. I promise once finals are over I will post more regularly.

Krishana xoxo

You can tell I really love this hat.

11 November 2010

I Want You To Make Me Feel....

This song has been stuck in my head for a few days.

09 November 2010

Magnetic Lingerie

Lingerie Dement has recently come out with a line of magnetic lingerie. I guess they will help you get down to business a little bit faster. Somehow I'm a little uncomfortable with the magnetic part of it. As much as researchers tell us the radio waves from our telephones or heat from our laptops can give us cancer, I am not too sure about the magnetic forcefield surrounding these easy to pull off garments. However, they are cute. A full set cost a little over $200.

08 November 2010

Behind Her Shades....

I was in a creative mood tonight and a trending topic by Amber Rose #Behindhershades, as well as Tyler Perry's movie "For Colored Girls" really inspired me to write this poem. I am open to criticism so please let me know what you think.

Behind Her Shades....
By: Krishana Davis

Behind her shades is a woman with passion and drive in her eyes.
Behind her shades is a woman who wants to be successful in life.
She lives each day off of little sleep, restless with a double shot of white mocha coffee.
She wants to have more than her parents.
She wants to afford to give her children double... Scratch that triple the opportunities that were afforded to her. 
She wants to own Louboutins and drive that fresh off the lot white on white Range Rover that she saw driving past her 2003 Toyota Corolla.
She wants to be happy in her success, glory, and fame; to bask in her own achievement standing loud and proud.

Behind her shades...

Behind her shades there lives sorrow and shame. 
Behind her shades lives a girl once oblivious to deep dark pain.
She knows now of the life without happiness stricken with guilt.
She knows now that she was blind and naive and the truth stood before her the whole time.
She knows now that the whispers and the chuckles were the initiation of rumors that are now proven true.
She knows now the feeling of being sorrow not for those people... No she understands self-pity.
She knows now of tue opportunity cost and what her economics teacher tried to explain to her that rainy day her sophomore year of college when she was daydreaming.

Behind her shades....

Behind her shades like swift movement warm like the sun's rays, and yet every so gentle like a fluttering butterfly.
Behind her shades is love like soft kisses on a forehead from your first love.
She sees the last autumn leaves falling and the heavy winter coats walk down her block as she peeps out a window.
She sees a pie just like the one her mama use to make for her when she was a girl many moons ago come fresh out the oven. 
She sees a hand and a friendly smile help her out the chair for she is weak.
She sees young happy girls in their sunday best run around on old hard floor floors.
She see a table dressed with a white cloth and fine china.
She sees and feels love radiating from every fiber of her being down to the pit of her stomach.

Behind her shades.... 

05 November 2010

Lanvin & H&M

Halloween 2010

I spent Halloween 2010 with my lovely bestie Fatimah and one of my oldesy friends from elementary school Nneka. We went to a on-campus party. I really enjoyed myself. I was a 1920's flapper, Fatimah was Pocahontas, and Nneka was a military combat girl (I think). Sorry for the poor picture quality.

25 Mag: Side Walk Swag

Me and one of my friends went to Howard University's Yard Fest last weekend for their homecoming. Basically, it is a big gathering on their yard with vendors, food, music, and performances. It was really nice. We were stopped by photographer from 25 Mag a DC ran magazine. Here is the picture.

FLOTUS' Travel Style

FLOTUS if you don't know stands for First Lady of the United States. Anyways, FLOTUS' style always amazes me. She always looks effortless beautiful.She is pictured in a crinkly khaki jacket, printed blue dress, and i love her black boots.

Hermione... No Emma Watson

If you are a Harry Potter fan like myself you have watch Emma Watson grow up on the big screen in her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. Watson has decided to spread out past Harry Potter and push herself in new areas. A few years ago she did a Burberry Campaign which I LOVED.

With the release of the newest Harry Potter film this November, Watson is popping up everywhere. This December Watson will be gracing the covers of both UK Vogue 2010 and Marie Claire. I love her new short hair cut as well. It looks really cute on her. 

Creature Couture

Photographer Ted Sabarese created a very nice editorial spread called "Creature Couture" inspired by Where The Wild Things Are. It is very fresh and creative and I like it a lot. Sabarase brings a lot of character and inspiration to all of his photographs which helps to bring the images to life.

Some of Sabarese's other work:

Has American Apparel Gone Too Far?

Current Ad: 

We all know American Apparel is known for their sometimes, well most of the time, racy ads, but this one might take the cake. It has a woman model in tights with her complete butt out. Speculators say it is because of their decrease in profits. American Apparel has been noted to actually promote ads with models with no tops exposing their breasts. Either way I do not approve.I guess the saying is true that sex sells.

Previous Ads: