08 October 2010

Jay-Z "Decoded"

Lately there is been talk swimming all over the internet and between people about Jay-Z and his lyrics having Illuminati and Mason undertones. In a few songs Jay-Z actually combats these rumors as well as aids to the ideas. Well on Nov. 16th hopefully we can get the real deal and put some of these rumors to rest. Jay-Z is dropping his book, "Decoded" which will break down the motive and meanings of 36 of his lyrics with illustrations. The cover of the book is a painting by Andy Warhol titled "Rorshach". 


  1. This kinda reminds me of that other book, "How to Rap: The Art & Science of the Hip-Hop MC", that's a dope read if you haven't got it already... over 100 of the best rappers interviewed for it -

  2. I will definitely look out for that book.

  3. thats probably going to be the first book i read in months. keep doing your blogging thing lil sis.

  4. Thanks bro. You should definitely get this. I am excited to see what he is going to say about his lyrics.


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