17 October 2010

Style Inspiration: Josephine Baker

Study Late??

Me and my cousin Vicky were at the library late getting in some much needed studying and decided to take a break for a mini-photo session. I love this vest. I got it from Arden B on sale for $5. You have to love a good sale.

Shirt: Polo Rugby
Vest: Arden B
Leggins: Garage
Boots: Baker's
Bag: Good Will

Americanized Hippie

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago to my roommate's b-day dinner. I loved the tie-dye pattern but the red, white, and blue made me feel like the Fourth of July.

Dress: Arden B
Bag: LV

16 October 2010

Sesame Street: I Love My Hair

Sesame Street Willow Smith Song - I Love My Hair - from Infox on Vimeo.

This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time. I wish natural hair was more embraced when I was a child. I know I am not going to perm my children's hair if I have daughters.

15 October 2010

Stop.. Start

I found this on tumblr.

14 October 2010

Quote of the Day

"Keep away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you believe that you too can become great."
- Mark Twain

As I told you guys this is my mid-term week and I really thought that this a fitting quote for my life right now and many of yours. So many times people in our family, our friends, our associates, our bosses, colleagues, etc. will try to belittle our accomplishments and achievements. Never let someone make you feel like you are not worthy of the things that you have accomplished. I have had friends of mine making comments like "oh you think you're doing something now" or "oh you think you're a big shot". No, but clearly that is what you think. Nine times out of ten they have never done anything as great or significant as you have. I've never been the type of person so belittle anyone in my life, but so many times I feel like I am at the other end of the stick. And it is very true, the higher you climb up the ladder, the more people there will below you trying to pull you down. DON'T LET THEM!!

13 October 2010


Sorry for the lack of postage it is mid-term week. Luckily, next week is homecoming week. I am very happy and excited for homecoming. And as a big hoorah to end my homecoming week the Teen Vogue Fashion University is that weekend. I can't wait. So I will be back at the end of the week. I appreciate all my followers, readers, and people who comment my blog.

Wish me luck on mid-terms

08 October 2010

Jay-Z "Decoded"

Lately there is been talk swimming all over the internet and between people about Jay-Z and his lyrics having Illuminati and Mason undertones. In a few songs Jay-Z actually combats these rumors as well as aids to the ideas. Well on Nov. 16th hopefully we can get the real deal and put some of these rumors to rest. Jay-Z is dropping his book, "Decoded" which will break down the motive and meanings of 36 of his lyrics with illustrations. The cover of the book is a painting by Andy Warhol titled "Rorshach". 

Miss Tina: Tina Knowles

Well Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles is making moves. First she released House of Dereon and now she's releasing a 30-piece collection for Walmart, Miss Tina. The clothes will fit women ranging from a size 2 to 20.

Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Row

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known for their odd layered loose-fitting ensembles, have been working to push their new clothing line "The Row". I actually really like the pieces. You can tell that their collection fits with their styles and personalities. Every piece looks like something they would wear. The sisters state that their collection is about "refined minimal luxury." All of their pieces are tailored to fit perfectly, being the perfectionist they are. 

Behind the scenes footage

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&amp;brand=v5%5E544x306&amp;from=sp&amp;vid=c34b5e5f-b41e-4406-ae85-f482d979017d" target="_new" title="The Row">Video: The Row</a>

Video of their Fall/Winter 2010 wear shown in New York this past February.

Avant-Garde Looks from Paris Fashion Week

 Vivienne Westwood
 Junya Watanabe
 Viktor & Rolf
This design reminds me of a Victoria's Secret model.
 Vivienne Westwood
 Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
This top actually seems wearable, the design would be a nice pattern influence
Louis Vuitton
 Body paint tops.. It actually looks chic though.
 Maison Martin Margiela
 John Galliano
This look actually reminds me of a wedding veil.
 Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
 Alexander McQueen
Manish Arora

Photo Source

01 October 2010

Prada Spring/Summer Collection 2011 in Milan

Prada's Spring/Summer Collection 2011 in Milan is to die for. I love the colorful prints. Each piece is definitely ready-to-wear and can jazz up any wardrobe. I especially love the big glasses. They give the outfit a special pop. I would buy a pair.

Photo Source