15 September 2010

Needs and Wants

So I am going into my fifth week of classes and as always I am over commiting myself, but I am actually okay with that. I am sorry for my lack of posting lately. The MSU Spokesman Newspaper is getting ready to print its first issue so I have been completely consumed in that, classes, preparing for the organizational fair, and doing some SGA duties. I promise I will be back soon.

I took a few minutes away from creating a brochure to take some pictures because I was getting bored. Anyways, I will be back soon and I will be posting my upcoming articles as well. Chao!!

Photo Credit: My roomie Domonique Shorter


  1. the life of a college chick on her grind lol


  2. girl like you wouldn't believe... I am going to SLEEP all weekend... swear


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