15 September 2010

Teen Vogue Fashion University

I definately could not have had a better day. This summer I applied for the Teen Vogue Fashion University, hoping I would get it, but thinking it was a bit of a stretch. I sent in a few pictures of myself in fashionable outfits and links to my blog and other information like that. My two roommates this summer while I was in Georgetown Lauria and Oriana are dolls. They helped me take my pictures for my application. I LOVE those girls.

Anyway, the application said that I would hear back in September if I got accepted. And today I GOT MY EMAIL SAYING I AM ACCEPTED!!

I am practically speechless. Teen Vogue Fashion University is a three day event in New York City hosted by Teen Vogue. You get a chance to meet with some of the greatest fashion designers. You also get to attend workshops and sessions learning in ins and outs of the fashion industry from people who eat, sleep, breathe fashion. I am so excited. As added perks they open a fews stores on Fifth Ave in New York and we get to shop at a discounted rate and receive mini-makeovers. Last year, Vera Wang, Jason Wu, Rachel Roy, tons of fashion bloggers, and countless others attended the program.

I am really excited and I know it will be an eye opening experience. I really want to work in the fashion industry and I know this is my opportunity to understand more about the industry.

The only downside is that is is taking place during homecoming week, but in reality who cares?

Here is the link for it: Teen Vogue Fashion University

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  1. OMG Congratulations! What an amazing opportunity! Totally once in a life time!



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