28 August 2010

The New D.C. Heel of Choice

Anyone who has ever worked in Washington, D.C. like I did this past summer knows the rule. You have your comfortable shoes for the commute to work and then you change into your killer pumps of choice once you get their. Wearing heels during your commute is like a cardinal sin. There is no way for can keep your balance on the red line with anything higher than a 2 inch heel.

However Kate Spade's Halle Wedge may be re-vamping the way we do D.C. commute.

Although these shoes will run you upwards of $300 they are said to be as comfortable as a pair of Crocs. Now I am not use if I believe that, but I wouldn't mind trying them on for size. These Kate Spade's might just become the new POWER HEEL.

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