12 August 2010

A Little Too Far Fetched??

I always wondered what made some people think that they are so well versed in all things "you" that they have the audacity to tell you that your dreams or aspirations are far fetched. Granted, I know I want a lot of things in life. But as long as remain motivated I know I can achieve those things. I refuse to be a pessimistic person about life. Life is hard already in itself without people adding in their two cents to try and keep you down.

One thing I will never respect is an unsupportive person. I think it goes back to that saying that I'm sure almost everyone's grandmother has told them, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." That's just a true statement. It only proves the point people will try and tear you down before they will try and raise you up. It's sad actually. But misery loves company. 

At some point I hope that people will eventually realize how ugly it looks when they try and put others down. But that is human nature, I guess. I just know that when I see someone doing their thing, getting ahead in life with whatever natural hustle God gave them, I am proud. It makes me want to grind harder and do more. Maybe I am in the minority on this one.


  1. trust ur not alone on this one. but positive people are in the minority, so i guess that makes people like u special


  2. You are probably right. It is just upsetting, I guess.


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