24 August 2010

Kimora Leaves Phat Farm

I know this may be a few days late, but I was really excited when I heard this news a few moments ago. Kimora Lee Simmons announced on last friday that she is no longer apart of the Phat Farm family. I love Kimora Lee Simmons, but let's face is Baby Phat and Phat Farm is definitely going down the drain. Originally is was a clothing line similar to FUBU, by African Americans for African Americans. But in the past decade or so these clothing lines have seemed to loose their mojo.

I was just tweeting a few weeks ago that I wish Kimora would just leave Baby Phat and maybe just brand her KLS Collection full time. I love her and I think that she has a big enough fan base to actually market and sell clothes without the urban look of the Baby Phat collection.

I can't wait to see what kind of ideas she comes up with.

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  1. kimora is a smart girl and she has her jewlery and perfume line. she will have no problem makin her money. it is time to let baby phat go... who even uses the word "phat"any more?



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