01 July 2010

Humble Thy Self

God affords us all wonderful opportunities in life... Life is about loving and enjoying those opportunities, but also learning how to humble yourself to your experiences. What's the point in doing something great if no one wants to hear about it??

Life is in some ways a competition, and it is good for us all to compete because it makes us better people. Competition causes us to strive to be better people, to work harder, to give our all.

But there is also negative competition, people who choose instead to try and one up you to try and prove or assert themselves to a higher power. These people can be power hungry or even have a streak of jealously and envy anyone doing better than themselves. Well all know people like this, there are everywhere. They are almost as bad as BLOOD SUCKING LEECHES.

My main point is that I have found that a lot of people do a lot of things for all the wrong reasons. I think that if you come across people like that the best thing you can do it to kill them with kindness and not allow them to get under your skin. It's sad that some people are even that cynical or jealous that they would prefer to tear someone else down to elevate themselves, but I guess that is life. If only we could all realize that as you help support someone else, you yourself gets lifted. But I guess most people aren't that BRIGHT.

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