19 July 2010

Fall Fashion Trends

Here are the new upcoming fall fashion trends according to Who What Wear.

Bow shoes: I am not sure I like this trend coming back out. I remember a few years ago when bow shoes were popular. However back then, stilletoes were not instyle. I still think I may pass on this trend. The only shoes that look good with bows on them are flats.

Chunky Knits: I love a good knit especially when fall starts to transition into winter. This look will be great on college campuses when you are running frantically from class to class.

Animal Accents: Animal print has been pretty popular for a while now. I love zebra print. I keep saying I am going to buy a zebra print blackberry case, but I can't seem to let my pink one go.

Shearling Jakets: I am not sure how I feel about this look yet. I have yet to see how to shows up off the runway in true ready-to-wear form.

Jewel-tone-Velvet: This trend reminds me of my youth. I remember when my mom use to dress me in velvet jumper dresses. I would love to see the choices for this look. I may actually try this again this fall.

Camel Coats: These coats seem a little plain. However, I think Chanel could probably make a beautiful design though.

Red Leather: You can NEVER go wrong with leather. I mean I am not an animal killer, but I definitely don;t hug the trees either. I still have a pink leather bag from when colored leather was hot years ago. Maybe I ill whip it out again soon.

Maxi Skirts: I loved maxi dresses although I was too short to really enjoy them. Maxi skirts idk... I don't think I am really that excited to see this trend come back. Although I am pretty sure I still have a few in the back of my closet.

Fifties Redux: This look is very Grease to me. I am sure as separates anyone could pull this look off.

Baroque & Roll: I actually LOVE this look. I am really excited to incorporate this into my wardrobe. I love the patterns in the middle picture. They are literally to DIE FOR.

Straight Leg Pants: This look as been in for a while, I am still loving it.

Metallic Dresses: I know metallics really haven't gone out of style yet. I am kind of wishing that they will though. DEATH TO METALLICS!! 


  1. I'm not hatin on any of the trend but none of them realy feel new to me. I feel like I've seen it all before. Except for those Miu Miu shoes. Def have not seen those before. lol

  2. I don't hate them either, but you are def right nothing is new at all. It is from the past decade or so. Some of the looks I am a little happy about. Like Baroque & Roll makes me sooo happy.

    P.S. who doesn't love Miu Miu =)

  3. I would have to say baroque & roll is also my fave but I have noticed my personal style gets a lot more rocker edgy in the winter anyway. I love the jewel-tone but I'm not a huge fan of velvet. Those red Givenchy boots are actually really starting to draw me in though. I love bright shoes!


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