21 July 2010

10 Years Ago....

If you knew 10 years ago that you would be at the point in your life that you are today, would you do anything different?

Comment and let me know your views. I'm kind of curious.

For me 10 years ago I was only 10. At 10 I never thought I would be doing any of the things that I am doing currently other than writing. I knew that young that I loved to write and I started writing short stories. But I never thought that 10 years ago I would in D.C. at a summer internship having probably one of the best and most strenuous summers of my life. I never knew I would have experienced so many of the things that I have in life. I never thought I would have made so many of the choices I made. 

But would I change anything?

Honestly, no I wouldn't. Yes, I have made some mistakes we all have, but I don't think I would have preferred any other outcome other than the one I received. 

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