31 July 2010

Quote of the Day

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.  ~Dr. Seuss

Lately it seems like a lot of people have been discussing being yourself and being satisfied with the person you are. A part of coming into maturity is finding a happiness in yourself that you no longer care what people think about you.You will be the person you want to be. That is true satisfaction in life.

TFAS... The End of the Beginning

My summer in D.C. is over. I had sooo much fun and met so many wonderful people. I am pretty sure I will be on a plane in a few months going to see all of these lovely people.This is my last hoorah to TFAS.... So bittersweet.

Me and Oriana after graduation

Me, Oriana, and IPJ director Joe Starrs

The roomates after graduation.

Me, Demetrius, Sequoia, & David after graduation.

The LADIES stepping out.

I'm out.

Me, David, and our supervisor at the AFRO Zenitha Prince (our last day)

The CREW in Henle72

Broadcast journalism maybe??

I probably won't miss the METRO

Ben's Chili Bowl with the roomies

We were really hungry.

Icecream anyone??


I might cry going through these pictures in a few days. I will probably add a few more. I love these guys!!

27 July 2010

Hair Inspirations

Hello readers. So I have decided to take a leap of faith and go natural. If you know me you know I take so much pride in my hair. It is really interesting because in high school I was utterly afraid to cut my hair. This past Jan 2010 I cut my hair in an angled bob. Then three days ago I cut the back pretty short. I figured if I am comfortable with this style then I should be comfortable with the length of my hair while it goes through its transition phase.

Here is my hair cut from the side.

 Here are some natural hair inspirations that I really love.

26 July 2010


I was literally just tweeting that I think I want to go natural when I came across this doll. I just cut my hair and since it is already short I am thinking this would be a good time as ever to go natural. I am still toying with the idea, but if African American women embrace our natural true selves maybe this would be a more accepted doll. Wish me luck guys. I might just decide to be more spontaneous and go natural very soon.

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21 July 2010

10 Years Ago....

If you knew 10 years ago that you would be at the point in your life that you are today, would you do anything different?

Comment and let me know your views. I'm kind of curious.

For me 10 years ago I was only 10. At 10 I never thought I would be doing any of the things that I am doing currently other than writing. I knew that young that I loved to write and I started writing short stories. But I never thought that 10 years ago I would in D.C. at a summer internship having probably one of the best and most strenuous summers of my life. I never knew I would have experienced so many of the things that I have in life. I never thought I would have made so many of the choices I made. 

But would I change anything?

Honestly, no I wouldn't. Yes, I have made some mistakes we all have, but I don't think I would have preferred any other outcome other than the one I received. 

20 July 2010

A Little Afro History

Today I went home to Baltimore which houses the headquarters for the Afro-American Newspaper. I got to see their archive room. It was probably hands down the best experience I have ever had in my life. They have boxes and boxes full of civil rights memorabilia and well as pictures of THE MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY (yes, I had to add my plug). So here are some cool pictures I took of stuff.

We can never progress if we don't know where we've come from.

Old archive papers

The founder John H. Murphy Sr. of the Afro with his sons.... The original building. He brought the paper for $200.


John H. Murphy got  boat named after him. This is the clock on the front.


This isn't your normal QWERTY keyboard.

Picture plates

A really old picture plate

Afro pushes for Civil Rights

Former cartoonist for the Afro Thomas Allen Stockett. He worked in all of their political cartoons. R.I.P

Thomas Stockett's memorial desk. He has a T-Square. See Poly taught me something.

Imagine if we still wrote our stories like this. These typewriters printed on metal plates for print and reached over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

More archive boxes

A old school hair ad


And last but not least. The Afro has a whole file cabinet full of pictures from Morgan State University. 
Apparently there really is nothing like a Morgan girl =)

19 July 2010

Fall Fashion Trends

Here are the new upcoming fall fashion trends according to Who What Wear.

Bow shoes: I am not sure I like this trend coming back out. I remember a few years ago when bow shoes were popular. However back then, stilletoes were not instyle. I still think I may pass on this trend. The only shoes that look good with bows on them are flats.

Chunky Knits: I love a good knit especially when fall starts to transition into winter. This look will be great on college campuses when you are running frantically from class to class.

Animal Accents: Animal print has been pretty popular for a while now. I love zebra print. I keep saying I am going to buy a zebra print blackberry case, but I can't seem to let my pink one go.

Shearling Jakets: I am not sure how I feel about this look yet. I have yet to see how to shows up off the runway in true ready-to-wear form.

Jewel-tone-Velvet: This trend reminds me of my youth. I remember when my mom use to dress me in velvet jumper dresses. I would love to see the choices for this look. I may actually try this again this fall.

Camel Coats: These coats seem a little plain. However, I think Chanel could probably make a beautiful design though.

Red Leather: You can NEVER go wrong with leather. I mean I am not an animal killer, but I definitely don;t hug the trees either. I still have a pink leather bag from when colored leather was hot years ago. Maybe I ill whip it out again soon.

Maxi Skirts: I loved maxi dresses although I was too short to really enjoy them. Maxi skirts idk... I don't think I am really that excited to see this trend come back. Although I am pretty sure I still have a few in the back of my closet.

Fifties Redux: This look is very Grease to me. I am sure as separates anyone could pull this look off.

Baroque & Roll: I actually LOVE this look. I am really excited to incorporate this into my wardrobe. I love the patterns in the middle picture. They are literally to DIE FOR.

Straight Leg Pants: This look as been in for a while, I am still loving it.

Metallic Dresses: I know metallics really haven't gone out of style yet. I am kind of wishing that they will though. DEATH TO METALLICS!! 

There's Nothing Like a Well Dressed Male

A well dressed guy is always hard to come by. And I don't necessarily mean fresh. You can be fresh, but not have any personal style because you are just conforming to what other people tell you is hot.

I came across this blog called: Street Etiquette which is ran by two guys who have been friends since high school and decided to have a blog together. I must honestly say these guys are the epitome of well dressed. I do not care where you are from or what you do, no one can remain in casual clothes all day every day. Here are a few pics.