24 June 2010

A Sense of Accomplishment

I finally got my first two articles printed in the Afro-American Newspaper. The same paper that wrote the article about my Great Aunt Jean over 40 years ago when she was gunned down at her job by her deranged ex-boyfriend. It's almost ironic that my second story is just as sad, just as grusome, just as heart wrenching. On some level I am really happy that I am writing at the Afro Newspaper. I feel like I can give people awareness of the dangers in the world, like someone else did when they reported my great aunt's story. Of course I never met her she waas killed in 1969. But my grandmother constantly tells me I remind her of my aunt. Almost like we're the same person. I actually wrote a piece about her and in the incident for my Op-Ed class last semester which I never posted on my blog, but I definitely will later tonight.

I had to literally DIG through old Afro Newspaper archives at the main Enoch Pratt Library downtown. It was hard because I didn't have the exact year of the incident, just a season and a ball park range of about 5 years. It was heart wrenching for me to interview my grandmother who 40 years later talked about the incident if pain in her voice like it all happened yesterday for her. It makes me as a journalist have a respect for the families of the deceased. Although you are trying to cover their story, their grief is REAL.

Personally, I want my life's work as a journalist to bring some sense of happiness or closure or something to people. I want it to make a positive impact/dent in society. It's a wonderful feeling when you feel like you've found your calling in life, especially for someone like me who has the attention span of a goldfish. I've done a million things, been in a million types of activites, tried a million things. But I know that this is my love and passion, first and foremost. You know you've found your passion when you'd do it for nothing at all, no compensation, nothing PRO BONO.

Here are the links to my first two stories:

"'Transformers' Star Speaks at D.C. School"

"Robbery Leads to Fatal Shooting on NE Benning Rd."

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