13 June 2010

Looking for a Red Bottom

So recently we have been seeing Christian Louboutin shoes with the infamous "Red Bottom" all over the media. Top celebrities as well as regular people are in love with his shoes, myself included. With all the hype we know that there are and will always be bandwagon jumpers. Recently a factory in China has started producing fake Louboutin red bottom shoes. Christian Louboutin has started a "Stop Fake- Christian Louboutin" campaign to stop them from producing look-a-likes to his shoes. The website even comes with a list of websites that are selling knock off Louboutin's.

So ladies before you buy your red bottoms please check out this site. Louboutin's cost entirely too much to buy fakes: http://www.stopfakelouboutin.com/index.php/en

And here are a few of my favorite REAL Louboutins.

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