08 June 2010

DC DC DC: Recap

So today is my like 2nd full official day in D.C. So let me recap. I've been going to a lot of seminars and breakout sessions for the past two days. They are mostly orientation sessions and informational sessions. Yesterday I got familiar with the metro system. Another intern from the program is also interning at the Afro-American Newspaper so we decided to get on the metro and dry run our trip to get familiar with the route. That was really cool and the metro system in D.C. is pretty straightforward. We went to our site and introduced ourselves and received a mini-tour before our first day on tomorrow. I am really excited for that. I had my first night of class last night which was really cool. The ethics class is interesting because there are 94 students in it from all over the country so there are definitely differing in opinions. But it is definitely an eye opener for me to see other young people with such strong opinions similar and different to my own. So here are a few pics. It isn't much lol. I will add more soon.

Two of my room mates and some other cool kids we met on our first day.
Welcome Home. The campus is sooo pretty.
In one of our seminars today. Look at the building. It inside of the building. It is so pretty.

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