05 June 2010

D.C. Bound

I leave for my internship in D.C. tomorrow. Of course I would rather blog than pack. I hate packing. It is probably hands down one of the biggest pains in the world. I despise it. But I am really excited about to tomorrow. I can't wait to meet my roommates. I talked to them all through e-mail and facebook so far. We'll see how the rooming situation goes. There are five of us. There are two double rooms and one single, and of course everyone is going to fight for the single. But hopefully that won't be a problem. (Looks away)... Anyway, I am really excited to start this internship at the Afro-American Newspaper. This will definitely be the highlight of my summer. I am sure I'll update again later in the week with pictures. So let me go pack.

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