28 June 2010

Chris Brown Performs at 2010 BET Awards

At last night's airing of the BET Awards, Chris Brown was finally able to perform his tribute piece marking the one year anniversary of the death of legendary singer/dancer/performer Michael Jackson. There had been a lot of fuss on twitter about why Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna weren't at the awards. Now we seem to know why.

Hands down Chris Brown killed the MJ tribute. Personally, as a Chris Brown fan I was really upset that he was unable to perform last year. We all know that what he did to Rihanna was unexcusable, but we also know that the only people who can properly come close to MJ are Usher, Ne-yo, and Chris Brown, hands down.

Chris Brown finally got his time to shine and pay his proper respects to his idol and music great. A lot of people criticized him for crying at the end of the performance. They believe it was stagged and he is simply looking for media attention. I personally do not believe it was stagged and I hope that Chris Brown's career will eventually begin moving back in the right direction.

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