12 May 2010

Vintage Search

So I live in Baltimore, which is a okay city, but it is definately not the fashion capital of the world. Recently I have been looking for some more vintage pieces to add to my waldrobe, but I have not been having much luck. I've been to Ten Car Pile Up and to Dollhouse and places like that and I mean there is ALWAYS Urban Outfitters, but everyone shops there. I almost gave up hope until I found some really nice vintage stores that you can order from on ebay.

I love this store called Laced With Romance. They have the cutest items. So i bidded on this pair of bubble pants and I won. YAY ME!!

So I will post a pic of me in them when they arrive, but here is a pic of them.


  1. I think this is one of the best blogs to follow.
    Keep doing your thing girl.
    and keep us updated all summer!

  2. thanks hun I really appreciate that... I will be and Im going to be posting my internship diary too.. Ill be at the Afro Paper


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