17 May 2010

Summer Time

So this is finals week... I haven't started studying at all yet. I know I am a bad person lol. But I think it is because I am really excited about my summer plans. I have decided to do a summer (almost) daily diary of my summer movements, no matter how boring.

So this summer I am participating in a program called the Institute on Political Journalism in D.C. I will be taking classes at Georgetown University and working at the Afro Paper in D.C. At first I was a little bit upset that I will not be interning at a more up and coming paper, but then I stopped and reflected on all the good things and great opportunities the Afro-American Newspaper has given up and coming African Americans. I am really excited to be in D.C., which is one of my favorites cities aside from NYC.

I love D.C. city life. It is a very happening city and has tons to offer an up and coming journalist. I hope to do some really good networking this summer and really push my career forward. I think this summer will probably be one of the best summers that I have had thus far.

I am going to have four roommates this summer and I've already been in contact with them, they seem so nice and I am really ready to just jump start my life as a journalist.

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