22 April 2010

Daily Recap

So this is something new that I would like to do every night, whether it is written on a video post. But I would like to start recapping on my day.

So today was pretty eventful for me. I got in my first car accident last night, which was really scary. It was lightly raining and I hydroplaned and hit the back of another car. Luckily neither car was damaged. Sadly, I have been having the worst back pain so I made a doctor's appt.

Also today I met with my journalism teacher after class. I swear that lady knows everything about becoming a journalist in this every changing high-tech world. She gave me the best advice today about my aspirations for attending law school.

I am really tired, but I wanted to post something today. They say as a good journalist you should try and write something everyday.

So goodnight readers. Love you dearly.
Krishana <3

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