28 April 2010

Karma.... Irony... Whatever.... I'll Take It

I was talking to my journalism professor
Allissa Richardson on Tuesday about what field of journalism I wanted to dabble in. As I told her about my love for fashion, politics, and op-ed pieces she immediately told me that I need to research journalist Robin Givhan because that is exactly the kind of work she does. I told my teacher that I would and proceeded on with my day.

Today I went to Barnes and Nobles and found a book by Teen Vogue highlighting important stylist, beauty experts, models, and editors in the field of journalism. I figured if I want to get involved in the field I ought to be knowledgeable about some of the important people in the field. So I was flipping through the pages of the book and guess who is featured as an editor? None other than fashion and culture editor/writer ROBIN GIVHAN.

My room mate always tells me that all things happen for a reason. Maybe this is my sign!!

27 April 2010

Quote of the Day

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away."

Solange Knowles- Underconstruction

Solange released this song on her blog about a month ago. It will not be on next cd, but I heard the song and now I am in love with it.


26 April 2010

Dorothy I. Height

President Barack Obama released a statement that flags flown at half staff on this thursday to honor Civil Rights Activist Dorothy I. Height.

Quote of the Day

"A person's true character is revealed by what they do when they believe no one is watching"

Blood Sucking Leeches

So a trending topic from this weekend inspired this post.

I think I finally uncovered a new species of people and I have decided to name them "blood sucking leeches". You ever met someone who always has something negative to say about everything? You ever met someone who never has any positive feedback? You ever met someone who just takes and takes, but never gives. Well they are:


Leeches are people who suck another person dry. Leeches can suck out your joy, money, motivation, dive, passion, etc, etc, etc.

These people will do anything in their power to make you as miserable as they are. You ever had a good idea and you tell a group of friends about it, and you have that one friend that always has to find a way to burst your bubble with something negative, that's a leech. Leeches come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You closest friend who you love dearly could be a leech.

Love your friends and family, but don't allow someone else's negative energy to rub off on you.

Sharing is Caring

I thought it was really cool when journalist Christopher Nelson shot me an e-mail after the meet and greet event with Aliya S. King asking if he could use some photos of the event off of my personal blog. He gave me photo credit and even added a link back to my blog. I thought that was really cool.

So here's the link, check out the blog post he wrote about the event:

Baltimore Sun's Web blog

Little Pink Book

I brought this journal over a year ago so I could have somewhere to write down my thoughts and stuff. Sadly, I lost it in my cluttered dorm room. But now it's found and I am going to continue to journal again. I remember I journaled all through middle school and my first year of highschool... (sigh)... Good times.

I also started to make goal list for myself. I made a one month goal list and I am working on my 6 month and 1 year goal list. I am really excited to push myself to get all of these goals accomplished so wish me luck

-(muah) Golden Girl

25 April 2010

Little Circus Monkey

So I have recently realized how hard it often is to juggle demanding extracurricular with school work and studies. There are a million things you have to do, need to do, and even want to do. Personally, the gemini makes me become interested in a multitude of things, which can quickly overwhelm my schedule. I am very close to hiring a personal assistant to help me better manage my day lol.... But seriously partaking in things that interest you is a good thing as long as you do not spread yourself to thin because you do not want to become a circus monkey trying to juggle too many things at one time.

Loving it

"When you LOVE LIFE, Life will love you back"

Karma, positive energy, good deeds... Every good thing you put into the world because good energy. I really believe that the more good energy and love you put into the world, the more you will receive back. Just like if you put energy into studying for a test, you'll get a good grade back. I think the more initiative and the more control people take over their lives, the better things will be.

(muah) Golden Girl

24 April 2010

Meet & Greet with Aliya S. King

Yesterday evening I got the pleasure of attending a meet & greet with the famed and freckled freelance journalist Aliya S. King. She came to Baltimore, MD and invited established as well as up and coming journalist like myself to her hotel room for an intimate meet & greet event. King is very down to earth individual. While wearing a pair of signature peach pumps she gave us, 20 or so people, some of the real deal facts about the industry and good advice on how you can make it as an African American in the field. Her personality was just as big as her beautiful natural and flamboyant curly bush. She allowed us to even sit on her bed. How more intimate can you get?

Aliya S. King has written for The Source, Vibe, XXL, and Essence just to name a few place. She came to Baltimore to participate in conference held by the National Association of Marketing Development in the Tremont hotel downtown. While there, she hosted a seminar on using media.

Please check her out at:
Journalist Aliya S. King's website

The Return of the Bad Boys

It has been confirmed by funny man actor Martin Lawrence that he and actor Will Smith have signed on to do a 3rd installment of the popular action packed "Bad Boys" movies. Let's hope this one is a go, because the last one was filled with just enough suspense, comedy, and action to keep us to the edge of our seats.

22 April 2010

Daily Recap

So this is something new that I would like to do every night, whether it is written on a video post. But I would like to start recapping on my day.

So today was pretty eventful for me. I got in my first car accident last night, which was really scary. It was lightly raining and I hydroplaned and hit the back of another car. Luckily neither car was damaged. Sadly, I have been having the worst back pain so I made a doctor's appt.

Also today I met with my journalism teacher after class. I swear that lady knows everything about becoming a journalist in this every changing high-tech world. She gave me the best advice today about my aspirations for attending law school.

I am really tired, but I wanted to post something today. They say as a good journalist you should try and write something everyday.

So goodnight readers. Love you dearly.
Krishana <3

21 April 2010

Ride- Ciara ft. Ludacris

Ciara just released her lastest video for her new song "Ride" ft. Ludacris. Ciara has always been in shape, but her body looks sick in this video.

New Test

So someone asked me to describe myself in one word.


But I really feel like it is hard to lump your whole being into one word. After almost twenty years of living I have done things and interacted with people that have helped to shape my personality. I feel like one word is not enough to describe yourself.

Can you describe youself in one word?

20 April 2010

R.I.P Dorothy I. Height

"A Negro woman has the same kind of problems as other women, but she can't take the same things for granted," was quoted by President of the NCNW and Civil Rights and Feminist Activist Dorothy I. Height.

Dorothy Height passed away at Howard University Hospital in the wee hours of the morning on April 19th at 3:14pm. Height, 98, passes away from natural causes.

16 April 2010

Eve's Bayou

Okay so I know I am like a decade late but I just saw Eve's Bayou for the first time. All my friends kept telling me what a good movie it is and how I am so late for never having saw it. But as a post-reaction, I really did not enjoy that movie. I mean it had a good story line and plot and it drew in the attention of the audience. But quite frankly it made me sad. I don't know if that is a normal reaction to a movie like this, but the story line and the drama of it all didn't sit well with me.
Now I need to go watch something happy. =(

15 April 2010

Kelis- Acapella

If you know me then you know I am a HUGE Kelis fan. Kelis has been eccentric for forever, before there was a Rihanna or a Lady Gaga. Kelis always rocked the scene with fashion forward outfits and wild and crazy hair.

4 Lil' Guilty Pleasures....

1. Brownies with hot fudge

2. Going swinging in the park in the spring time

3.Reading old birthday and valentine's day cards

4. Wearing my reading glasses... I look studios lol

Quote of the Day

"Never allow the predator to tell the prey's story"

14 April 2010

Is It Wrong To Hate People That You Use To Love?

I just saw this question on someone's twitter and I felt that I needed to speak about it.

Hate is such a strong emotion. Think of the amount of energy you spend when you hate someone. The majority of us go out of our way to mug or cut or eyes or dog them out to everyone around us. Yes, there are times when people make us mad or upset or do something just plain grimy. But to hate them means that you are wasting your good energy being consumed about a person who probably does not care about you.

This is why I also have a problem with grudges. And yes we are all at different points in our lives but just like hate, its cousin the grudge can consume your whole inner being as well. You loose sleep thinking about someone or a bad situation while that other person is going about their day like nothing had happened at all. It comes a time when you realize that and you learn to let things roll off your backs. The less people see you upset or mad the less they will try you because they won't even know what makes you mad or upset.

Just my observation.

13 April 2010


So I am at a point in my life where I feel like I am at a cross roads. But sadly I have yet to figure out what road I want to take. My 20th birthday is in like a month and a half and I am realizing that I will no longer be a teenager. I am an adult. An adult.... hmmm... with becoming an adult brings maturity, it also bring new outlooks on life. As I think about my actions, what I am doing and what I want to accomplish in life I have also been thinking about the people I surround myself with.

Lately, I have been feeling like I want to get to a level of comfortability and maturity with myself that small things no longer affect me. But now it seems that I have been experiencing more trials than ever. It seems like at every turn they is someone attempting to rip you down and make you feel incompetent because they themselves are not comfortable with the person they are. One thing I can say is that going into my twenties I am very comfortable with me. We all have flaws. That is a trait of being a human being, but it is how we deal with our flaws that makes us comfortable individuals. I have come to a point in my life where I love myself and the person I am. Of course I am always making adjustments and changes and trying to better myself, but I know that I love the person that I am regardless of how the outside world feels about me.

I feel like there are many thirty and even forty year old individuals in the world who still do not know who they are or what exactly they want to be. I don't want to be one of those people. I know your twenties are about self-discovery, my mom always tells me that, but somehow I cant help but wish it came a little bit faster.

10 April 2010

What Doesn't Kill You....

They say, "What doesn't kill you make you stronger." I know this statement is tru but it feels like it's easier said than done. It hurts to feel like you need to be the bigger person or that you have to step back and take a loss. But sometimes you do. I feel like I have had to be the bigger person a lot in my life and quite frankly I got sick of playing that role. But I quickly realized that playing toe for toe for someone only hurts YOU in the long run.

I have learned the hard way that everything my mother has ever taught me is true. You can't always fight fire with fire. I don't want to be the one that is burned in the end. But all the same it seems so hard to get over some of these obstacles right now. I know that next weekend none of my problems from today will matter at all. But next week seems so far away in the grand scale of things. But nonetheless I will remain hopeful and pray and know that eventually nothing is as hard as it currently seems.