06 January 2010

Poor Sheila Dixon: Is it fair?

Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon made an announcement today that she will be resigning effective February the 4th, after a scandal involving the misuse of gift cards for the needy families of Baltimore. The gift cards did not total over $5,000. This trial and investigation had been ongoing for the past four years. Dixon will be replaced my Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the youngest person ever elected to the Baltimore City Council.

Personally, if she did take the gift cards, Mayor Dixon is wrong, don't get me wrong. But other people holding higher offices than her own (of different racial ethnicity's) have embezzled millions and millions of dollars over the course of history, whom were not caught and/or did not receive as much media attention. I just wonder if the circumstances were different, would Dixon have received the same amount of bad press. What if she was a man? What if she was not African American? I often wonder if any of these factors played against her. She did not even embezzle $5,000 in gift cards.

It is really sad to see an African American woman is politics go down for such a small crime. Dixon has had a lot of experience in politcs in Baltimore, holding various positions of power. Hopefully, her career will not be negativelly impacted too much and she can continue in politics.

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