13 January 2010


I think we have to really watch the people we allow into our lives. Even the smallest interactions can affect us for the rest of our lives. They say that people have influence and effect on us in three degrees. It's you, your friends, and friends of your friends. All of these people affect or have some type of impact on our lives whether or not we know it. I've heard studies that usually if the majority of your friends are on a diet you will gradually start losing weight with them just based off of simple influence. You will see them ordering a salad while you are out at lunch or notice that they aren't snacking on popcorn while you are out at the movies. And gradually their change in habits will begin to affect you.

I guess this is why our parents say "choose your friends carefully". This same logic applies with negative traits and characteristics. If your friends had negative traits or qualities they will begin to rub off on you as well. I think we all need to evaluate which people in our lives deserve friend status, who we can keep as an associate, and who we need to dead completely.

Sadly, I've met people in life and all they bring is negativity with them. It is like embedded in their core. All they do is find some sort of way to tear you down, I don't know whether it is because of jealousy or their own insecurities, but nonetheless when you spot someone like this.... RUN.

Most importantly, I believe we need to be mindful of how we affect other people and the influence we have on them. A lot of people are not mindful of the things they say or the way it is interpreted. I know I often fall into this category, because I often say exactly what is on my mind. But sometimes saying how you feel isn't always best. Sometimes we must learn to bite our tongues.

My mother often says, "Some battles aren't worth fighting, but you can still win the war."

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