22 October 2009

Dreams.... to Obtain <3

I have had the same dream since I was in the 10th grade. Well two dreams, they go hand in hand. Something I have wanted so bad for so long that I swear I can taste it, smell it, see it, reach for it.

It is kind of funny because as time draws closer for me to receive the dream I am actually kind of scared to obtain it. Obtaining it means leaving behind everything I once knew and going out on a limb for something I want and live for. I know thousands and millions of people have made decisions like mine, but it just seems so weird for this to really be coming true for me. It is kind of surreal. Like I am in a dream. It is funny because I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it. There is nothing that I have ever wanted more in my whole entire life. I want this bad.... "Michael Jackson- Bad" lol.

I just have to keep dreaming and keep my head on straight and if it is meant to be then it will happen. If it is not meant to be I have a fal back game plan and all will be well.

But I really do want this extremely bad..... <3

13 October 2009

-Tick Tock

Missed oppurtunities
Time waste- tick tock
Time goes by irrelevant of you
Irrelevant of me
Time flie- tick tock
I can't hold onto it
It's out of my grasp
It's out of myreach, my touch, my tips
Those lips
If only I could use my tongue and kiss
It's relevant
Make sense to me, to you, to us, to we
For time to- tick tock
Time won't stop
It can't, it won't
We pray tears and sorrow and pain
Desperations and we see the light
And- tick tick
And time stops

05 October 2009

Quotes of the week

If you are not helping me reach my goals, you are a hindrance..... <3>

It is only you and God at the judgement gate, no one elses opinions matter. -Krishana

03 October 2009

Go... Go.... Go...

The only way to get somewhere in life is to have MOTIVATION.

Lack of motivation is the difference between getting into that school, or getting that job, or moving up in that organization. Two people could have the same credentials however, if one person is more motivated they will get the position.

Personally motivation is everything. A un-motivated person is like death, especially if they bring down others around them. It is like a cancer. It does not really matter what you are motivated about. Just be happy and enthusiastic enough about something in your life. There are lots of different people in life with lots of backgrounds and lots of likes and dislikes. But if three friends are together they could have separate things that motivate them, but the fact that they are passionate and motivated will still rub off on one another. One could be into their school work, the other could be into painting or drawing, and the last could be an athlete, but having motivation will help uplift them as a group of friends.

You must always respect a motivated person even if you do not share similar interest.

Brighten your day

These are just a few things that we all can do on the daily basis that will brighten our day as well as someone else's.

1. Compliment someone.

2. Tell someone a funny joke.

3. Tell someone you love them.

4. Hold the door open for someone.

5. Smile at someone.

6. Make someone close to you a homemade gift.

7. Be an ear for someone.

8. Make someone feel welcome.

If we all just do a few of these things a day we can make the world a happier place =)

01 October 2009


So I had a discussion in my political theory class earlier this week about science versus religion. The topic turned from a simple discussion to a heated debate in the class. The majority of the class claimed Christianity as a religion and many of the believers became really upset when the teacher questioned the concept behind their religion of faith.

Like many religions, the followers are expected to follow wholeheartedly with no real proof that what they believe in really exists. One girl in my class explained that she is and was raised Buddhist. She explains that they believe that man's life is based of off having a purpose or a goal in life. Although I do not know a lot about the Buddhist religion I do believe in her philosophy.

What is life without purpose?

I believe that we all as individuals need to to define our purpose in life. You must have goals or something you want to accomplish in your life. Your number one goal in your life however, should be to find YOUR BALANCE. As humans we are all full of idiosyncrasies, little small issues with our characters that will prevent us from being in perfect harmony. Our goal as individuals is to discover these problems and try and tweak them so that we may become more balanced individuals. The closer to your balance you get to the more calm and relaxing one's ;life will become.