31 July 2009

"From My Heart to Yours"

So I have been downloading a lot of songs lately and as I put my iPod on shuffle I came across a song by a new singer Laura Izibor and she has a very beautiful voice and her songs have a really nice melody so you should definately check her out. She is from Ireland.

1. "From My Heart to Yours"

2. "Carousel"

29 July 2009

Martin Louis... What WHat?!?!

So....... Kayne West has always been known to be a little eccentric from time to time especially due to his cocky attitude, but by far this one definately takes the cake. Apparently after the showing off his new line of sneakers with Louis Vuitton he proclaimed his new name. He wants to be referred to as "Martin Louis King the King Jr." WTF im done.... SMDH!!

View the video here... http://www.dlisted.com/node/30368

26 July 2009


Time stands still for no man. My mother always says that idle time is time wasted. So the time you spend pondering something that you already know the answer to is idle time. The time you spend hoping a situation will somehow change and right itself is idle time and time wasted, especially if you are already pretty positive that will not make an ounce of difference. It seems that some things... well most are easier said than done and that is fine because that is life, although we may not like it at all.

I just know that I don't want to wake up from a daze one day at be 50 a confused as where all my time has gone and what has happened in my life. I just want to make the best if it and my time here on earth with my family and friends!!

23 July 2009

Now... Tomorrow... Never

So I'm just feeling a little rotten and I haven't blogged in a min so I thought I probably should. But I am stuck somewhere between enjoying my summer and wanting school to start back because I miss everyone so much. I just really want to have a good school year and enjoy myself and have fun, get the college life experience lol. I feel like there is so much I want to do it and so little time to do it. AND THT SUXS!! lol

11 July 2009


Ok so I really like Pharrell and people are really going in on him because of this look. Personally, I love his boots. People keep saying he looks gay or watever, but I see him as a trendsetter. It takes a real man to buy some boots like this let alone wear them in public. I like it, I think he looks real fly.


I hate the feeling of being torn b/w my head and my heart. I think it is one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced, especially when you continue to ignore your head even though you know it is right to deal with something that probably won't even end in happiness for momentary gratification.

02 July 2009


R.I.P to one of the most iconic figures ever to dance or singer. He was truly a crazy entertainer and his moves still stun most people, especially his moon walk. Go and finally be happy Mike.