18 December 2009

Merry Fukkin Christmas....

So with the holidays in full swing the whole world seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. All of the holiday movies are airing on the television and all of the Christmas ornaments are adorning peoples houses. But in the mist of all the holiday cheer I'm finding that the holidays aren't as entertaining as they use to be. I wonder if it's true that you can out grow Christmas?

I remember being young and you would always be so pressed for Christmas, all the gifts, the loving family, the food, the snow, and all the joyfulness. Now it kind of just seems like another day. Another day for card stores and department stores to jack up the prices and sell people a bunch of junk that they don't even need. Maybe I am just getting old, but the holidays really don't mean much to me anymore. I love my family, but I can see them and have diner with them all the time. I don't think I understand what makes the holidays so special.


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