30 December 2009

2010...... Is A Little Too Close

So in less that 48 hours the new year will be upon us. Someone I can't believe it is really here already. It seems like 2009 just started. I mean I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on January 1, 2009 at 12 am. And now the year is really almost over.

2010 is a very special year because not only is it a new and fresh year with new and fresh beginnings. But 2010 also opens the doors to a new decade. In 2010 I will be 2 decades old.... I think I may just pass out omg!! Twp decades means an end to adolescence. It means I can no longer she my pediatrican (yes I still go to a peditrican, I refuse to leave her until I am 21. But a new dacade also means a time for more growth and learning, a chance to absorb more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world and of yourself. Nonetheless, 2010 will open up a new chapter in all of our lives as well. We must embrace it, because I know I will. 2010 will mean something different to each and every one of us, but I hope we will all treat it well and seize hold of it. I new year only comes around every 365 days... well or 366 with a leap year. I went through a lot in 2009 and in 2010 I hope to learn from everything I dealt with in 2009 to become a better person.

I know I am still personally in the process of making my New Years Resolution list. But if I don't know anything I do know this:

What I am grateful for though, is to be able to go into 2010 with a clear head and as a new woman. I have a wonderful family and great friends to lean on. So I guess I have nothing to worry about.

-xoxo Golden Girl

18 December 2009

Merry Fukkin Christmas....

So with the holidays in full swing the whole world seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. All of the holiday movies are airing on the television and all of the Christmas ornaments are adorning peoples houses. But in the mist of all the holiday cheer I'm finding that the holidays aren't as entertaining as they use to be. I wonder if it's true that you can out grow Christmas?

I remember being young and you would always be so pressed for Christmas, all the gifts, the loving family, the food, the snow, and all the joyfulness. Now it kind of just seems like another day. Another day for card stores and department stores to jack up the prices and sell people a bunch of junk that they don't even need. Maybe I am just getting old, but the holidays really don't mean much to me anymore. I love my family, but I can see them and have diner with them all the time. I don't think I understand what makes the holidays so special.


03 December 2009

The Self-Proclaimed King

He does not stick out in the crowd of students constantly trudging around Morgan State University. He is not an exceptionally tall man. He is not exceptionally loud. He does not come across hard or tough. He has a kind of soft and laid-back demeanor. But one thing you will notice about Morris Ricks is a small corner of a plastic case peeking out of his back pocket. When asked about it, Morris’ face lit up with pride as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a CD case with his debut album “LLTK, Long Live the King”. Ricks, better known by his hip-hop name King Mezington (Mez), will gladly hand you a copy of his album. He will even direct you to the nearest CD player so that you can listen to it immediately.
Ricks speaks in a well paced, well thought manner, synonymous to the place where he grew up rural Garner, NC close to Raleigh. Ricks started rapping at the age of nine. He quickly became his love and passion.
“I loved music, that’s all I cared about,” declared Ricks with a chuckle.
Ricks explained that life was never the easiest for him. Ricks grew up in a two parent household; however it was still a troubled one. There was a lot of chaos between his parents and instead of allowing it to take a toll on him he used it as on outlet.
“My mom gave me lots of love, but my father on the other hand he didn’t. He tried to use money to compensate for his love, but it couldn’t,” stated Ricks.
Ricks claimed that he never would want another individual to feel the same way he felt about his father, unloved.
“I want people to feel the love in my music, I want them to feel like someone out there cares,” he says with a head nod.
As a child Ricks always wanted to be the best at everything. At the age of sixteen, Ricks focused changed to his craft of rapping. He quickly diverted all of his attention into rapping. He constantly began writing down rhymes and lyrics. Quickly, Ricks’ unconventional conscious lyrics began to pick up a fan base in his city and even some of the surrounding areas. Ricks gained big publicity when a fan of his from Georgia got him a performance in his hometown of NC at a local club.
“I respected that so much, that moment made me feel like someone really respected my music enough to push me like that,” stated Ricks.
As Ricks’ craft expanded and he reached college, he believes that some of the artist at Morgan State University needed a “push” to help them aspire to their dreams. This idea sparked Ricks’ greatest movement, the start up of the organization Hip-Hop Elite.
When asked about his purpose for the organization, Ricks states, “Someone put on for me. I see so many artists on campus who need someone to push them, who need the networking. That’s what it’s all about.”
The Hip-Hop Elite was founded by the “Starting Seven”, seven Morgan State University male students, who dress up in slacks, dress shirts, and ties at their meetings. The Starting Seven can all rap but they also have one guitar player, and two spoken word artists. The organization currently has about 40 members, with the sole mission of networking.
“If one of us gets an opportunity, we all get an opportunity,” states Morris proudly.
Four out of the seven starting seven members currently have internships in the media communications department at Atlantic records. They are a group of determined and head strong artist attempting to better the world with their music.

02 December 2009

It's Real & It Can Happen To You.....

It has killed over 3.1 million people. 1 out of every 4 people in America have it and do not even know. Women represent half of all people living with it. What it is?!?!


December is HIV/AIDS Awareness month. Everyone please get tested. I know we all like to believe that nothig bad can ever happen to us and that we are all invincable. But this is not true. HIV/AIDS is real and it is killing people at an alarming rate. If you do not know your status you can't get help. Everyone please get tested, at least that way you know how to deal with things. It can be treated. But if you don't find out, your playing with your life.