10 November 2009

DC Sniper: Death Penalty

John Allen Muhammad better known to Americans as the DC Sniper was finally put to death on today Nov. 10th at 9:11pm. 9-11? Symbolism, I think so. The question that really needs to be raised though, is whether or not the death penalty is effective? And is it the best idea? is it okay for someone to die peacefully by lethal injection when others died horrendously at their hands?

I do believe in an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, in the sense that if someone in my family was killed I would want someone to suffer for it. You would argue that if someone is so selfish enough to take multiple lives with no real purpose do they deserve to live? No, they do not. However, if someone is so sinister to commit such a crime do they really care about living in the first place?

Death may not scare someone who can so easily take a life. In this sense the death penalty isn't really effective. The death penalty is most effective only when it hurts.

Would it be better to let him rot in jail? Yes, only if he can be punished to the full extent. No privileges, no chance at parole. Nothing. Then he can live a life without freedom, because he took the freedom of life from others.

The death penalty subject is a very touchy one and people have their opinions for various reasons, but I think we should all think long and hard about the gray areas in life and understand that everything is not cleanly labeled black or white.

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