01 October 2009


So I had a discussion in my political theory class earlier this week about science versus religion. The topic turned from a simple discussion to a heated debate in the class. The majority of the class claimed Christianity as a religion and many of the believers became really upset when the teacher questioned the concept behind their religion of faith.

Like many religions, the followers are expected to follow wholeheartedly with no real proof that what they believe in really exists. One girl in my class explained that she is and was raised Buddhist. She explains that they believe that man's life is based of off having a purpose or a goal in life. Although I do not know a lot about the Buddhist religion I do believe in her philosophy.

What is life without purpose?

I believe that we all as individuals need to to define our purpose in life. You must have goals or something you want to accomplish in your life. Your number one goal in your life however, should be to find YOUR BALANCE. As humans we are all full of idiosyncrasies, little small issues with our characters that will prevent us from being in perfect harmony. Our goal as individuals is to discover these problems and try and tweak them so that we may become more balanced individuals. The closer to your balance you get to the more calm and relaxing one's ;life will become.

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