03 October 2009

Go... Go.... Go...

The only way to get somewhere in life is to have MOTIVATION.

Lack of motivation is the difference between getting into that school, or getting that job, or moving up in that organization. Two people could have the same credentials however, if one person is more motivated they will get the position.

Personally motivation is everything. A un-motivated person is like death, especially if they bring down others around them. It is like a cancer. It does not really matter what you are motivated about. Just be happy and enthusiastic enough about something in your life. There are lots of different people in life with lots of backgrounds and lots of likes and dislikes. But if three friends are together they could have separate things that motivate them, but the fact that they are passionate and motivated will still rub off on one another. One could be into their school work, the other could be into painting or drawing, and the last could be an athlete, but having motivation will help uplift them as a group of friends.

You must always respect a motivated person even if you do not share similar interest.

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