22 October 2009

Dreams.... to Obtain <3

I have had the same dream since I was in the 10th grade. Well two dreams, they go hand in hand. Something I have wanted so bad for so long that I swear I can taste it, smell it, see it, reach for it.

It is kind of funny because as time draws closer for me to receive the dream I am actually kind of scared to obtain it. Obtaining it means leaving behind everything I once knew and going out on a limb for something I want and live for. I know thousands and millions of people have made decisions like mine, but it just seems so weird for this to really be coming true for me. It is kind of surreal. Like I am in a dream. It is funny because I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it. There is nothing that I have ever wanted more in my whole entire life. I want this bad.... "Michael Jackson- Bad" lol.

I just have to keep dreaming and keep my head on straight and if it is meant to be then it will happen. If it is not meant to be I have a fal back game plan and all will be well.

But I really do want this extremely bad..... <3

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