01 September 2009

It's Bigger Than You

So I was sitting in my International Relations class this morning and we were discussing some of the major topics going on in the world today. It really made me realize how the world is so much bigger than just me, or just my college, or my state, or my nation. A lot of people especially at the highschool or college level get caught up in a lot of uneccessary drama because they are so consumed and obessed with themselves (also because they have too much time on their hands).

I have come to realize that there are so many other things going to in the world that need concern and precedence. For example, almost ten years after the War on Terror began young men and still losing their lives everyday for a useless cause, or how about the thousands of people being laid off in the U.S. because of the recession, or even the people in third world countries starving everyday because of famine. We never take the time to step out of our busy drama filled lives and step and really examine what is going on in the world around us. It is a sad truth especially with Americans because wars are rarely ever fought on our soil and we are known as a wasteful and gready society. But we can do better....

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