23 September 2009


At first I was not necessarily loving my college experience. It seemed like I was just here going through the motions of college. I mean I was involved in my class and I had a few random extra-curricular activities, however I was not really committed to any of them. Maybe because I was working as well at the time. I was constantly told to join more things and to become more involved, that is the only way to enjoy college. And I must say this is factual.

Although the semester has just begun, I am loving college more this semester than I did my whole freshmen year. This year I took a nice amount of credits and picked my professors very wisely, and I love them all. They all assign a good amount of work, but it is not overwhelming. Additionally, I really got involved in my school. I was apart of the on-campus newspaper last year as a writer, but this year I decided to extend myself and take on the task of one of the section editors. I love to write and so far this has been a wonderful experience. I also decided that instead of being one of the people on-campus and did nothing to fix the problems that I would be proactive. I joined the SGA as a sophomore class senator. This position takes up a good amount of my time, but I love it. It makes me feel good that I am making a positive impact in my school. Lastly, I am participating in a lot of community service programs because you can't show or continue to be blessed if you do not give back to others.

I urge everyone to get involved in the campus or community somewhere. You may not feel like doing something all the time, but you will feel really good then you give back. I always do. It is a wonderful feeling =)

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