02 April 2009

Spring Fashion 2009

Out with the buurrr burrr....

In with the flowers, birds, grass, and best of all warm weather =)

So I was searching spring fashion 2009 and stumbled upon some interesting gear for the upcoming season.

One new look for this season is Mix n Match gear. This is interesting. If done correctly this could possibly be a good look, but I dont personally like mixed patterns.
The best look I believe for sping is HOT PINK. Of course my favorite color is pink, and this is one of the few colors that looks nice on all skin types as long as it is done correctly =).

So in this season are wider legged pants. Although I like this new breezy look I don't think I will be hanging up my skinnys anytime soon.
So yeah everyone get excited to put the fat puffy coats and scarfs and mittens away.