26 March 2009

My Intresting Vacation- VA

Spring Break 2009: VA Beach, VA

So for my spring break this year I knew Miami would be too much of a last minute stretch and I was sick of going to Ocean City, so I decided that VA Beach would be a good idea for a nice calming vacation.

One of the girls in my Amer. Govt class is from VA and she is constantly telling the class how racist VA is. Although I have experience some very subtle forms of racism in my life, being from Baltimore City racism is not widely seen or noted. I mean everyone has experienced being stopped by the police because they were DWB (Driving While Black). But that is something that African Americans face in all areas of the United States and is a very common form of racism.

I did believe my class mate when she told me that VA was racist. I mean it is down south. However, because we were staying in a resort area on the water front I did not thing it was possible for us to be treated with the same form of disrespect. But apparently, I was wrong.

Everytime we got in the pool in Va Beach the white people would get out of the pool and stare at us like we were crazy. One of the worse experiences of my life!!


  1. Racism seems like it has become a way of life.

  2. I know and it's kind of sad... I kind of hoped things would liven up since Obama has been in office, but I guess not. The older I get the more issues I see.


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