30 December 2009

2010...... Is A Little Too Close

So in less that 48 hours the new year will be upon us. Someone I can't believe it is really here already. It seems like 2009 just started. I mean I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on January 1, 2009 at 12 am. And now the year is really almost over.

2010 is a very special year because not only is it a new and fresh year with new and fresh beginnings. But 2010 also opens the doors to a new decade. In 2010 I will be 2 decades old.... I think I may just pass out omg!! Twp decades means an end to adolescence. It means I can no longer she my pediatrican (yes I still go to a peditrican, I refuse to leave her until I am 21. But a new dacade also means a time for more growth and learning, a chance to absorb more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world and of yourself. Nonetheless, 2010 will open up a new chapter in all of our lives as well. We must embrace it, because I know I will. 2010 will mean something different to each and every one of us, but I hope we will all treat it well and seize hold of it. I new year only comes around every 365 days... well or 366 with a leap year. I went through a lot in 2009 and in 2010 I hope to learn from everything I dealt with in 2009 to become a better person.

I know I am still personally in the process of making my New Years Resolution list. But if I don't know anything I do know this:

What I am grateful for though, is to be able to go into 2010 with a clear head and as a new woman. I have a wonderful family and great friends to lean on. So I guess I have nothing to worry about.

-xoxo Golden Girl

18 December 2009

Merry Fukkin Christmas....

So with the holidays in full swing the whole world seems to be getting into the Christmas spirit. All of the holiday movies are airing on the television and all of the Christmas ornaments are adorning peoples houses. But in the mist of all the holiday cheer I'm finding that the holidays aren't as entertaining as they use to be. I wonder if it's true that you can out grow Christmas?

I remember being young and you would always be so pressed for Christmas, all the gifts, the loving family, the food, the snow, and all the joyfulness. Now it kind of just seems like another day. Another day for card stores and department stores to jack up the prices and sell people a bunch of junk that they don't even need. Maybe I am just getting old, but the holidays really don't mean much to me anymore. I love my family, but I can see them and have diner with them all the time. I don't think I understand what makes the holidays so special.


03 December 2009

The Self-Proclaimed King

He does not stick out in the crowd of students constantly trudging around Morgan State University. He is not an exceptionally tall man. He is not exceptionally loud. He does not come across hard or tough. He has a kind of soft and laid-back demeanor. But one thing you will notice about Morris Ricks is a small corner of a plastic case peeking out of his back pocket. When asked about it, Morris’ face lit up with pride as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a CD case with his debut album “LLTK, Long Live the King”. Ricks, better known by his hip-hop name King Mezington (Mez), will gladly hand you a copy of his album. He will even direct you to the nearest CD player so that you can listen to it immediately.
Ricks speaks in a well paced, well thought manner, synonymous to the place where he grew up rural Garner, NC close to Raleigh. Ricks started rapping at the age of nine. He quickly became his love and passion.
“I loved music, that’s all I cared about,” declared Ricks with a chuckle.
Ricks explained that life was never the easiest for him. Ricks grew up in a two parent household; however it was still a troubled one. There was a lot of chaos between his parents and instead of allowing it to take a toll on him he used it as on outlet.
“My mom gave me lots of love, but my father on the other hand he didn’t. He tried to use money to compensate for his love, but it couldn’t,” stated Ricks.
Ricks claimed that he never would want another individual to feel the same way he felt about his father, unloved.
“I want people to feel the love in my music, I want them to feel like someone out there cares,” he says with a head nod.
As a child Ricks always wanted to be the best at everything. At the age of sixteen, Ricks focused changed to his craft of rapping. He quickly diverted all of his attention into rapping. He constantly began writing down rhymes and lyrics. Quickly, Ricks’ unconventional conscious lyrics began to pick up a fan base in his city and even some of the surrounding areas. Ricks gained big publicity when a fan of his from Georgia got him a performance in his hometown of NC at a local club.
“I respected that so much, that moment made me feel like someone really respected my music enough to push me like that,” stated Ricks.
As Ricks’ craft expanded and he reached college, he believes that some of the artist at Morgan State University needed a “push” to help them aspire to their dreams. This idea sparked Ricks’ greatest movement, the start up of the organization Hip-Hop Elite.
When asked about his purpose for the organization, Ricks states, “Someone put on for me. I see so many artists on campus who need someone to push them, who need the networking. That’s what it’s all about.”
The Hip-Hop Elite was founded by the “Starting Seven”, seven Morgan State University male students, who dress up in slacks, dress shirts, and ties at their meetings. The Starting Seven can all rap but they also have one guitar player, and two spoken word artists. The organization currently has about 40 members, with the sole mission of networking.
“If one of us gets an opportunity, we all get an opportunity,” states Morris proudly.
Four out of the seven starting seven members currently have internships in the media communications department at Atlantic records. They are a group of determined and head strong artist attempting to better the world with their music.

02 December 2009

It's Real & It Can Happen To You.....

It has killed over 3.1 million people. 1 out of every 4 people in America have it and do not even know. Women represent half of all people living with it. What it is?!?!


December is HIV/AIDS Awareness month. Everyone please get tested. I know we all like to believe that nothig bad can ever happen to us and that we are all invincable. But this is not true. HIV/AIDS is real and it is killing people at an alarming rate. If you do not know your status you can't get help. Everyone please get tested, at least that way you know how to deal with things. It can be treated. But if you don't find out, your playing with your life.

26 November 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!

I wish want to wish everyone a happy TURKEY DAY!!

Hope you stuffed yourselves of turkey, greens, mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, and all the fixins. Hope you wore comfy pants and enjoyed your families.

xoxo Krissy

14 November 2009

Amanda.... <3

So I am working on a few creative writing pieces that I want to get some feed back on.

By: Krishana Davis

I turned and stared at him. His hot breathe pressing down on my neck. It was heavy and stagnate. I grew more and more horrified with every slow breathe he took. I slowly placed one foot behind the other and made a quick turn with my heels. I moved to run, but his tight grasp wrapped around my neck. It white pale arms began to squeeze me tight, cutting off all circulation to my brain. I began to feel dizzy. I did not know what to do. I just wanted to scream, but the minute I drew my throat and mouth muscles to scream, I felt my throat close up. Air stopped reaching my lungs, and I passed out.

13 November 2009

Jewlry is a Girl's Bestfriend

Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian have designed their own jewlry collection. Too cute, I love this.

10 November 2009

DC Sniper: Death Penalty

John Allen Muhammad better known to Americans as the DC Sniper was finally put to death on today Nov. 10th at 9:11pm. 9-11? Symbolism, I think so. The question that really needs to be raised though, is whether or not the death penalty is effective? And is it the best idea? is it okay for someone to die peacefully by lethal injection when others died horrendously at their hands?

I do believe in an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, in the sense that if someone in my family was killed I would want someone to suffer for it. You would argue that if someone is so selfish enough to take multiple lives with no real purpose do they deserve to live? No, they do not. However, if someone is so sinister to commit such a crime do they really care about living in the first place?

Death may not scare someone who can so easily take a life. In this sense the death penalty isn't really effective. The death penalty is most effective only when it hurts.

Would it be better to let him rot in jail? Yes, only if he can be punished to the full extent. No privileges, no chance at parole. Nothing. Then he can live a life without freedom, because he took the freedom of life from others.

The death penalty subject is a very touchy one and people have their opinions for various reasons, but I think we should all think long and hard about the gray areas in life and understand that everything is not cleanly labeled black or white.

"Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"

So today marks the 40th Anniversary of the show we all grew up watching, Sesame Street. I remember loving Oscar the Grouch as a child. His trashcan was so deep, and he was always so upset. Interestingly though, he loved his wormy lol.

Goggle has been celebrating Sesame Street all week, by decorating it's site with Sesame Street characters. I love it.

22 October 2009

Dreams.... to Obtain <3

I have had the same dream since I was in the 10th grade. Well two dreams, they go hand in hand. Something I have wanted so bad for so long that I swear I can taste it, smell it, see it, reach for it.

It is kind of funny because as time draws closer for me to receive the dream I am actually kind of scared to obtain it. Obtaining it means leaving behind everything I once knew and going out on a limb for something I want and live for. I know thousands and millions of people have made decisions like mine, but it just seems so weird for this to really be coming true for me. It is kind of surreal. Like I am in a dream. It is funny because I get knots in my stomach just thinking about it. There is nothing that I have ever wanted more in my whole entire life. I want this bad.... "Michael Jackson- Bad" lol.

I just have to keep dreaming and keep my head on straight and if it is meant to be then it will happen. If it is not meant to be I have a fal back game plan and all will be well.

But I really do want this extremely bad..... <3

13 October 2009

-Tick Tock

Missed oppurtunities
Time waste- tick tock
Time goes by irrelevant of you
Irrelevant of me
Time flie- tick tock
I can't hold onto it
It's out of my grasp
It's out of myreach, my touch, my tips
Those lips
If only I could use my tongue and kiss
It's relevant
Make sense to me, to you, to us, to we
For time to- tick tock
Time won't stop
It can't, it won't
We pray tears and sorrow and pain
Desperations and we see the light
And- tick tick
And time stops

05 October 2009

Quotes of the week

If you are not helping me reach my goals, you are a hindrance..... <3>

It is only you and God at the judgement gate, no one elses opinions matter. -Krishana

03 October 2009

Go... Go.... Go...

The only way to get somewhere in life is to have MOTIVATION.

Lack of motivation is the difference between getting into that school, or getting that job, or moving up in that organization. Two people could have the same credentials however, if one person is more motivated they will get the position.

Personally motivation is everything. A un-motivated person is like death, especially if they bring down others around them. It is like a cancer. It does not really matter what you are motivated about. Just be happy and enthusiastic enough about something in your life. There are lots of different people in life with lots of backgrounds and lots of likes and dislikes. But if three friends are together they could have separate things that motivate them, but the fact that they are passionate and motivated will still rub off on one another. One could be into their school work, the other could be into painting or drawing, and the last could be an athlete, but having motivation will help uplift them as a group of friends.

You must always respect a motivated person even if you do not share similar interest.

Brighten your day

These are just a few things that we all can do on the daily basis that will brighten our day as well as someone else's.

1. Compliment someone.

2. Tell someone a funny joke.

3. Tell someone you love them.

4. Hold the door open for someone.

5. Smile at someone.

6. Make someone close to you a homemade gift.

7. Be an ear for someone.

8. Make someone feel welcome.

If we all just do a few of these things a day we can make the world a happier place =)

01 October 2009


So I had a discussion in my political theory class earlier this week about science versus religion. The topic turned from a simple discussion to a heated debate in the class. The majority of the class claimed Christianity as a religion and many of the believers became really upset when the teacher questioned the concept behind their religion of faith.

Like many religions, the followers are expected to follow wholeheartedly with no real proof that what they believe in really exists. One girl in my class explained that she is and was raised Buddhist. She explains that they believe that man's life is based of off having a purpose or a goal in life. Although I do not know a lot about the Buddhist religion I do believe in her philosophy.

What is life without purpose?

I believe that we all as individuals need to to define our purpose in life. You must have goals or something you want to accomplish in your life. Your number one goal in your life however, should be to find YOUR BALANCE. As humans we are all full of idiosyncrasies, little small issues with our characters that will prevent us from being in perfect harmony. Our goal as individuals is to discover these problems and try and tweak them so that we may become more balanced individuals. The closer to your balance you get to the more calm and relaxing one's ;life will become.

26 September 2009

It is a gender thing?

I am getting to the point where I think some of the societal against woman really need to be altered or changed. People need to wrap their minds around a more liberal approach to life. In our society woman are constantly mistreated, objectified, or exploited. A man and a woman could do the same extact things and a woman will be called a hoe and so many other demeaning and derogatory names however, a dude will be given a high five or glorified for what he does.

I think a lot of females have gotten to the point where they believe that if males can do it then females can do it as well. Why must females always be in the receiving end of everything?

23 September 2009


At first I was not necessarily loving my college experience. It seemed like I was just here going through the motions of college. I mean I was involved in my class and I had a few random extra-curricular activities, however I was not really committed to any of them. Maybe because I was working as well at the time. I was constantly told to join more things and to become more involved, that is the only way to enjoy college. And I must say this is factual.

Although the semester has just begun, I am loving college more this semester than I did my whole freshmen year. This year I took a nice amount of credits and picked my professors very wisely, and I love them all. They all assign a good amount of work, but it is not overwhelming. Additionally, I really got involved in my school. I was apart of the on-campus newspaper last year as a writer, but this year I decided to extend myself and take on the task of one of the section editors. I love to write and so far this has been a wonderful experience. I also decided that instead of being one of the people on-campus and did nothing to fix the problems that I would be proactive. I joined the SGA as a sophomore class senator. This position takes up a good amount of my time, but I love it. It makes me feel good that I am making a positive impact in my school. Lastly, I am participating in a lot of community service programs because you can't show or continue to be blessed if you do not give back to others.

I urge everyone to get involved in the campus or community somewhere. You may not feel like doing something all the time, but you will feel really good then you give back. I always do. It is a wonderful feeling =)


I know I haven't blogged for a few days... I haven't been feeling that good, like emotionally and physically drained. I am definately feeling better after giving all my issues to the one who lives MOST HIGH. So I will be back to my almost daily post =)

09 September 2009

Cuz a ROSE....

Okay so I really like Kanye West's girlfriend Amber Rose. I think they make a really cute couple. But I blame her for initiating this new "fade phase". Amber Rose sports a really cute blond fresh cut and it looks really good on her. But this cut is not for everyone I am sorry. Amber Rose has a sick body and because of this she can get away with a very unique cut and people will still want her. Some of the girls I have seen with this cut are not bigger than a toothpick, and I am sorry but this cut is not for you mama.

This cut is not for you if:

1. You have naturally really really coarse hair so when it is getting close to the time that you need a hair cut your hair starts getting beady.

2. If you can not get away with a flawless natural look.

3. If you do not have a body.

4. If you can not dress. You need style to pull off such an edgy look.


06 September 2009

Lost in Translation....

Have you ever felt lost? Like you do not know where to begin or end. You feel confused like you can't get yourself together? You feel like you don't really know who you are but you know who you would like to be?

I think so many people, especially late teens feel this feeling and somehow do not know how to describe it. You feel embarrassed to admit it. To say that you have gone so far that you know longer know where you are. Sometimes I feel like you have to admit these things before you can expect any change.

I try and live my life without regrets although that is almost impossible because what may originally seem like a good idea can easily shift into a not so good idea. However, the soon we admit that we are lost the soon we may be found. You no longer have to act as if you have everything together. It is okay not to know. It is okay to be confused. That's life... Deal with it.

03 September 2009

You First Please....

If you want to be a good person and be with someone it seems plausible to me that you must first deal with any internal issues you have within yourself. You can not give someone your all if you can not first give yourself your all. Most people know and understand their flaws even if they do not always wish to admit them. You can only fake for so long, things are bound to reveal themselves. Awareness is of utmost importance because once you are aware of your issues you can make moves and attempt to fix or modify it. Even the best of us have flaws but it is all in how you handle these flaws that really matter.

01 September 2009

It's Bigger Than You

So I was sitting in my International Relations class this morning and we were discussing some of the major topics going on in the world today. It really made me realize how the world is so much bigger than just me, or just my college, or my state, or my nation. A lot of people especially at the highschool or college level get caught up in a lot of uneccessary drama because they are so consumed and obessed with themselves (also because they have too much time on their hands).

I have come to realize that there are so many other things going to in the world that need concern and precedence. For example, almost ten years after the War on Terror began young men and still losing their lives everyday for a useless cause, or how about the thousands of people being laid off in the U.S. because of the recession, or even the people in third world countries starving everyday because of famine. We never take the time to step out of our busy drama filled lives and step and really examine what is going on in the world around us. It is a sad truth especially with Americans because wars are rarely ever fought on our soil and we are known as a wasteful and gready society. But we can do better....

31 August 2009

The Looking Glass: Perception vs Reality

"People believe I am what they see Me as, rather than what they do not see. But I am the great unseen, not what I cause myself to be in any particular moment. In a sense, I am what I am not. It is from the Am-notness that I come, and to it I will always return." -Neale Donald Walsh

What we perceive and what someone's intent is can often be two totally different things. I have learned from my own personal experiences that you can not live your life for other people. You have to live for you and you alone. This means doing what makes you happy. If other people can not understand that or can not take you for who you are then they do not neccesarily need to be in your life. The world is about being open minded to al people from all walks of life. The world is about tolerance. So many people pre-judge or become close minded to things when in reality you want someone to be openminded towards you.

Because I grew up an only child I never really ever cared much what people thought of me or preceived about me. I know my intentions and I live my life according to me and what will make me happy. I will never live my life concerned about how people perceive me because I feel that when I am at the judgement gate all that will matter is my intentions.

30 August 2009

Back at it Again

So school has started again and it seems a lot of things have changed this year just as a lot of things have stayed the same. I am really excited to join a lot of new organizations and open up my networks to the many people of campus. I would advise everyone to make the most of their college experiences. Please do not just go to campus everyday and party every night and not be involved with any of the on campus organizations. Your involvement helps to make your campus a more lively environment for yourself, as well as others. So let the year begin.....

06 August 2009

The Sweetest

Kimora Lee and Djimon Hounsou recently had a bouncing baby boy and he is truly the cutest baby I have seen in a long time with a head full of hair. Here is a pic of the happy family.

31 July 2009

"From My Heart to Yours"

So I have been downloading a lot of songs lately and as I put my iPod on shuffle I came across a song by a new singer Laura Izibor and she has a very beautiful voice and her songs have a really nice melody so you should definately check her out. She is from Ireland.

1. "From My Heart to Yours"

2. "Carousel"

29 July 2009

Martin Louis... What WHat?!?!

So....... Kayne West has always been known to be a little eccentric from time to time especially due to his cocky attitude, but by far this one definately takes the cake. Apparently after the showing off his new line of sneakers with Louis Vuitton he proclaimed his new name. He wants to be referred to as "Martin Louis King the King Jr." WTF im done.... SMDH!!

View the video here... http://www.dlisted.com/node/30368

26 July 2009


Time stands still for no man. My mother always says that idle time is time wasted. So the time you spend pondering something that you already know the answer to is idle time. The time you spend hoping a situation will somehow change and right itself is idle time and time wasted, especially if you are already pretty positive that will not make an ounce of difference. It seems that some things... well most are easier said than done and that is fine because that is life, although we may not like it at all.

I just know that I don't want to wake up from a daze one day at be 50 a confused as where all my time has gone and what has happened in my life. I just want to make the best if it and my time here on earth with my family and friends!!

23 July 2009

Now... Tomorrow... Never

So I'm just feeling a little rotten and I haven't blogged in a min so I thought I probably should. But I am stuck somewhere between enjoying my summer and wanting school to start back because I miss everyone so much. I just really want to have a good school year and enjoy myself and have fun, get the college life experience lol. I feel like there is so much I want to do it and so little time to do it. AND THT SUXS!! lol

11 July 2009


Ok so I really like Pharrell and people are really going in on him because of this look. Personally, I love his boots. People keep saying he looks gay or watever, but I see him as a trendsetter. It takes a real man to buy some boots like this let alone wear them in public. I like it, I think he looks real fly.


I hate the feeling of being torn b/w my head and my heart. I think it is one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced, especially when you continue to ignore your head even though you know it is right to deal with something that probably won't even end in happiness for momentary gratification.

02 July 2009


R.I.P to one of the most iconic figures ever to dance or singer. He was truly a crazy entertainer and his moves still stun most people, especially his moon walk. Go and finally be happy Mike.

29 May 2009

Walking on the Moon....

It's this new song by The Dream called "Walking on the Moon" ft. Kanye West and I am really loving it. Something about the beat caught me off guard. It is bananas!! I really love it a lot so everyone should definately add this joint to their ipod playlist for hot summer jams of 2009.

02 April 2009

Spring Fashion 2009

Out with the buurrr burrr....

In with the flowers, birds, grass, and best of all warm weather =)

So I was searching spring fashion 2009 and stumbled upon some interesting gear for the upcoming season.

One new look for this season is Mix n Match gear. This is interesting. If done correctly this could possibly be a good look, but I dont personally like mixed patterns.
The best look I believe for sping is HOT PINK. Of course my favorite color is pink, and this is one of the few colors that looks nice on all skin types as long as it is done correctly =).

So in this season are wider legged pants. Although I like this new breezy look I don't think I will be hanging up my skinnys anytime soon.
So yeah everyone get excited to put the fat puffy coats and scarfs and mittens away.

31 March 2009

The Cause Never Dies

Bringing Awareness:

A famous African American John Hope Franklin passed away a few days ago. He did race relations for the Kennedy through Clinton presidental adminstration. He wrote numerous books that explained the plight of African Americans in America and the rascism that is still evident today. There is a story written about him in the New York Times. Franklin worked with Thurgood Marshall's lawyers in the famous Brown vs. Board of Ed. case, and had a lot of other contributions in our society.

26 March 2009

My Intresting Vacation- VA

Spring Break 2009: VA Beach, VA

So for my spring break this year I knew Miami would be too much of a last minute stretch and I was sick of going to Ocean City, so I decided that VA Beach would be a good idea for a nice calming vacation.

One of the girls in my Amer. Govt class is from VA and she is constantly telling the class how racist VA is. Although I have experience some very subtle forms of racism in my life, being from Baltimore City racism is not widely seen or noted. I mean everyone has experienced being stopped by the police because they were DWB (Driving While Black). But that is something that African Americans face in all areas of the United States and is a very common form of racism.

I did believe my class mate when she told me that VA was racist. I mean it is down south. However, because we were staying in a resort area on the water front I did not thing it was possible for us to be treated with the same form of disrespect. But apparently, I was wrong.

Everytime we got in the pool in Va Beach the white people would get out of the pool and stare at us like we were crazy. One of the worse experiences of my life!!

18 March 2009


Hello everyone welcome to Golden's World of Sunshine lol....

I am new to blogging so we'll see how far this blogging thing takes me. I am a journalism major so this will be something to help me express myself, my feelings, and views on a lot of things. I am strong minded and have a lot of opinions and by no means do I expect anyone to agree with me... sooo.... yup sit back relax and enjoy =).